McKees Rocks

March 12, 2017

Brewery Locations

412 Brews
706-708 Island Avenue, McKees Rocks, Pa. 15136
Received a brewing license in October 2016. Construction is underway at this posting time.

Abjuration Brewing Co.
They bought the Parkway Theater on Broadway Avenue and are building.
Owners: Dave Hallam and Tom Glover

First National Brewery (Independent Brewing Co.)
Thomas Street
Adolph Oettinger was the 1918 brewmaster. They made Ale, Porter, Lager and Beer. Shown on Hopkins 1917 Atlas, Vol. 1: Plate 31 as PBC. Bounded by Thomas, Railroad Alley, Leonard Street and Island Avenue.
First National became a branch of Duquesne Brewing in 1933 when Independent Brewing dissolved.
Closed in 1951 when it was under the control of the Duquesne Brewery.