Allegheny County Breweries & Brewpubs
Breweries, Brewpubs and more in and around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

January 9, 2019 (Revised from previous postings)
Compiled by Ed Vidunas:

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Check with a brewery before visiting as not all are open to the public.


Allegheny County has had 52 breweries (by location) since 1986.
36 Active, 12 Closed (Penn not included), 5 Moved)
Seven breweries are pending and 3 may be in our future.

See Links of Interest and Notes, below.

Active Breweries & Brewpubs in Allegheny County
Listings per Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Data Base
(36 Active Breweries as of this posting date)
Entries in Italic Type for Interest, Reference or Clarification)

Entries have a restaurant license (R) are not permitted to brew.
They are listed for historical reference.

180 And Tapped Brewery ^ (These symbols were to be non-printing. To be deleted )
2010A State Avenue, Coraopolis 15108
Timothy Janowiak, manager.
This brewery may not have a tap room and may not be offering tours.

412 Brews ^
706-708 Island Avenue, McKees Rocks, Pa. 15136
Owner: 412 Brews Inc.

Abjuration Brewery^
644 Broadway Avenue, McKees Rocks 15136
Owners: Davis Hallam and Thomas Glover
The brewery is in the rear of the Parkway Theater. Yes, one can have a brew and a movie.

Allegheny City Brewing ^
507 Foreland St, Pittsburgh (North Side) 15212
Owner: Allegheny City Brewing LLC
Brewery with on-site taproom.
Opening day was Wednesday, September 28, 2016.

American Beverage Corp. Industrial Manufacturer^
1 Daily Way, Verona, Pa 15147
Owner: American Beverage Corp.
Formerly known as Daily’s Juice Products, makers of
Little Hugs.
Industrial Brewery not open for visitors.
This is a commercial facility and not open to the general public. They make non-alcoholic (Little Hugs) and alcoholic drinks. They also have a distillery license (A). They are noted here for reference as they do have a brewing license.

Aurochs Brewery Brewers of Gluten Free Beers^
8321 Ohio River Blvd (Pa Route 65), Emsworth 15202
Owner: 2124 Brewing Company LLC
Brewery with taproom

Biers Pub
Formerly Benjamin’s Burger Bar
900-902 Western Avenue, Pittsburgh (Northside) 15233-1716
Jake Bier moved and renamed the War Streets Brewery here in 2017.

BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse NOT AN ON-SITE BREWERY
This company has a restaurant in McCandless Township and Upper St. Clair.
They serve their own beer, which is made out of state and not on-site.
This is listed here as they have Brewery in their name but I want to clarify that they do not have an on-site brewery should you want to visit for that reason.

Brew Gentlemen
See The Brew Gentlemen, below.

3601 Butler Street, Pittsburgh (Lawrenceville)
Restaurant for the Harmony, Butler County based restaurant.

3525 Liberty Avenue at 36th St, Pittsburgh, (Lawrenceville) Pa. 15201
Opened August 1, 1996
See: Lawrenceville Brewing Co, below.
The Church is not licensed to brew beer nor is it a brewpub. It is a restaurant having a restaurant license (R). The Lawrenceville Brewing Company (owner of the restaurant) and the Brew Works are within the same building.

Cinderlands Beer Company ^
3705 Butler St, Pittsburgh (Lawrenceville) 15201-1819
Business Owners: Jamie & Steve Warden (brothers)
Brewery and restaurant. Opened in 2017.

Cobblehaus Brewery^
1052 Main Street, Coraopolis
Owner: Cobblehause Brewing Co
Brewery with on-site taproom.

Copper Kettle Brewery
(Closed as of December 2018 but to reopen with a new brewery kit.) ^
557 Greenfield Avenue, Pittsburgh, (Greenfield) 15207-1093
Owner: Matthew Dean Inc.
Brewery with adjacent taproom.
Opened January 4, 2012

Costar Brewery^
919 N St. Clair, Pittsburgh, (Highland Park) 15206
Owner: Costar Brewing Inc.
Opened February 2013
Costar Way is in the rear of the property.
They have bought property in Etna Borough and plan to move brewing there.
This location is only a brewery. No taproom.

Couch Brewery^
1351 Washington Road, Larimer neighborhood of Pittsburgh near Negley Run
Owner: Couch Brewery LLC
Brewery with on-site taproom.
Received a brewery license on October 14, 2016.

Dancing Gnome Brewery^
925 Main Street, Sharpsburg
Owner: Dancing Gnome LLC
Brewery with on-site taproom.
Official opening day was Saturday, October 1, 2016.

Draai Laag (Dry Log) now trading as Strange Roots Experimental Ales
501 E Ohio St., Millvale 15209
Owner: Draai Laag Brewing Co LLC
Taproom for Strange Roots Experimental Ales.
See Strange Roots Experimental Ales, Millvale, below.
This is a Belgian inspired brewery founded in 2009 and opened in 2011.

East End Brewery^
147 Julius St at Frankstown Avenue, Pittsburgh (Larimer) 15208
Owner: East End Brewing Company Inc., Scott Smith
Brewery with on-site taproom and off-site tap house in the Strip District.
Larimer location opened in 2012 after relocating from the original Homewood location, which opened in 2004.

East End operates a taproom in the Pittsburgh’s Strip District.
102 19th Street between Penn Avenue and Smallman Street

Eleventh Hour Brewery^
Under construction. Brewery expects to open in 2017.
3701 Charlotte Street, Pittsburgh (Lawrenceville) 15201
Owner: McMahon Brewing Co LLC
Brewery with on-site taproom.

Enix Brewery^
337-341 E 8th Avenue, Homestead 15120
Manager: David Rodrigues
This brewery contains a bowling alley.
This brewery started as Trios Brewery but have to change due to a conflict.

Full Pint Wild Side Pub
5308 Butler Street, Pittsburgh (Lawrenceville)
Full Pint Brewery has a brewery in North Versailles (Westmoreland County) but operates a taproom in Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville neighborhood.

Grist House Brewery^
10 Sherman Street 15209, Millvale
Phone: 814 528 2303
Owners: Brian S. Eaton & Kyle L. Mientkiewicz
Owner: Mientkiewiczeaton LLC
Brewery with on-site taproom.
Opened May 24, 2014. Brewing License G502

Helicon Brewery^
102 Union Avenue, Oakdale
Owner & Brewer: Chris Brunetti
Brewery with on-site taproom.
Brewer: Any Weigel
Brewing license was posted by the LCB (assessed February 3, 2016). The license is active license as of April 15, 2016.

Hitchhiker Brewery^
230 15th Street, Sharpsburg (building fronts South Canal Street)
In the boiler room of the former Fort Pitt Brewery
Owner: Hitchhiker Brewing Company, Gary & Serena Olden
Brewery with on-site taproom.
Brewer: Andy Kwiatkowski
Under construction at this posting date

Hofbräuhaus (Restaurant & Brewery) ^
2705 South Water St at South 27th Street
Pittsburgh, (South Side Works) 15203-2391
Phone: 412 224-2328
Owner: Hofbräuhaus Brewing Company (Pittsburgh Brau LLC)
Brewery with attached restaurant
Opened March 29, 2009. Brewing License G407
Brewer: Shawn Setzenfand
Ed Slouffman, Eckhart Kurbjuhn were start-up brewers

Hop Farm Brewery^
5601 Butler St., Pittsburgh, (Lawrenceville) 15201
Owner: Hop Yard Brewing, Matthew P. & Emily P. Gouwens
Brewery with on-site taproom.
Opened 2012

Insurrection Ale Works (Brewery) ^
Opened November 27, 2015. Brewing License G543
1635 E Railroad St., Carnegie 15106
Owner: Insurrection Brewing Company LLC
Matthew H. Messer & Brad W. Primozic
Brewery with on-site taproom.
The post office is Carnegie but the borough is Heidelberg.

Kim's Dog House Brewery^
1743 E Railroad Street 15106, Heidelberg
Owners: Headley’s Brewing
The Pa LCB shows this brewery having an active brewers license.

Lawrenceville Brewery^
3525 Liberty Avenue at 36th St, Pittsburgh, (Lawrenceville) 15201
Phone 412-688-8200
Owner: Sean Casey, Lawrenceville Brewery Inc.
Brewery with adjacent restaurant and bar (Church Brew Works).
Opened August 1, 1996.
Incorporated on August 2, 1995.

Leaning Cask Brewery
See The Leaning Cask Brewery, below.
Brewery with on-site taproom.

Mindful Brewery^
3759 Library Road, Castle Shannon 15234
Owners: Melissa M Jones & Abigail Sorbara
Brewery with adjacent restaurant and bar.
Established in 2015 with an opening date of January 17, 2017.
Licensed as a brewery, full restaurant and bottle shop.

Parkway Theater
See The Parkway Theater, below.

Penn Brewery ^
800 Vinial St., Pittsburgh (North Side)
Owner: Pennsylvania Brewing Company. Brewing License G253
Troy Hill Road & Vinial St 15212 (North Side)
The Penn Brewery is not licensed to brew beer nor is it a brewpub. It is a restaurant having a restaurant license (R). The Pennsylvania Brewing Company is the owner of the restaurant. The Penn Brewery was originally known as the Allegheny Brewery & Pub when it first opened in 1989.
Opened September 12, 1989 as Allegheny Brewery & Pub
Penn Brewery & Allegheny Brewery Ratskeller

Pig Hill Brewery ^
6901 Lynn Way, Pittsburgh 15208
Owner: Pig Hill Brewery LLC, Joe Reichenbacher & Naomi Auth
Formerly at 1721 Lowrie Street, Troy Hill

Pig Hill, makers of Red Star
Kombucha, has a tap room in Downtown Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Bottle Shop and Brewhouse ^
1597 Washington Pike, Bridgeville 15017-2894
Owner as of August 2018: MCS Restaurant and Brewhouse LLC
Former Owner: Pittsburgh Bottle Shop and Brewhouse LLC, Mark Davis
The zip code is for Bridgeville but the Shop is in Collier.
The Bottle Shop was originally opened by Mark Davis, former brewer at the Iron City Brewery in Lawrencevile.

Rock Bottom Brewery ^
171 E Bridge Street under the Pittsburgh-Grey’s Bridge
(The Grey’s were a nationally famous negro-league baseball team)
Homestead (The Waterfront) 15120
Phone: 412-462-2739 Fax: 412-462-4514
Owner: Walnut Brewery Inc.
Brewery with adjacent restaurant.
Opened April 1, 2002
Brewer: Meg Evans.
Brandon McCarthy (prior to 2012) left in late 2015.
Steve Ilnicki opened Spoonwood as head brewer.
First brewer was Matthew Carroll.

Roundabout Brewery ^
4901 Butler St., Pittsburgh, (Lawrenceville) 15201
Opened July 13, 2013.
Owner: James Henry LLC, Steve and Dyana Slone
Brewery with on-site taproom.

Southern Tier Pittsburgh (Brewery) ^
316 North Shore Drive, (North Side) Pittsburgh 15212-5870
Owner: Southern Tier Brewing Pittsburgh LLC
New York State brewery with adjoining restaurant.

Spoonwood Brewing ^
5981 Baptist Rd., Bethel Park 15236
Owner: Spoonwood Brewing LLC
Brewery with adjoining restaurant.
Opened January 31, 2015.
Steve Ilnicki left Rock Bottom to become the first brewer.

Spring Hill Brewery^
1958 Varley St (North Side – Spring Hill), Pittsburgh 15212

Strange Roots Experimental Ales^
4399 Gibsonia Road, Gibsonia
Owner: Dennis Hock
This is the main brewery for Strange Roots, having moved here from Allison Park. The brewery has a taproom.

The Brew Gentlemen Brewery^
512 Braddock Avenue, Braddock 15104
Owners: Asa B Foster III & Matthew Katase
Brewery with on-site taproom
Opened May 21, 2014.

The Leaning Cask Brewery^
850 Pittsburgh Street, Springdale 15144-1623
Owner: A Joshua David Lipke company
British styled beer brewery with on-site taproom.

The Parkway Theater
644 Broadway Avenue, MeKees Rocks 15136-3008
Owner: Abjuration Brewing LLC
The Abjuration Brewery share the building with this cinema and may be known as the name of the brewery.

Voodoo Brewery Taproom NOT AN ON-SITE BREWERY
205 E 9th Avenue at Amity Street, Homestead 15120
Voodoo has the brewery in Meadville, (Crawford County) Pa. but operates a taproom in Allegheny County. The Homestead location is in the former municipal building, which in itself is interesting to see.

War Streets Brewery^
Bier’s Pub, formerly Benjamin’s Burger Bar
900-902 Western Avenue, Pittsburgh (Northside) 15233-1716
Jake Bier moved and renamed the War Streets Brewery here in 2017.

Pending Breweries & Brewpubs in Allegheny County
Listings per Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Data Base
(These 7 Breweries have a pending license as of this posting date)

Acrospire Brewery>
1650 Butler Plank Road 15116, Glenshaw

Arsenal Cider House & Wine Cellar (Under Construction) >
1700 Universal Road, Penn Hills
Owner: Bill & Michelle Larkin
Received a brewery license on October 14, 2016 for this location. Arsenal has the home Cider House in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

Cinderlands Brewery>
2601 Smallman Street 15222, Pittsburgh (Strip District)
Business Owners: Jamie & Steve Warden (brothers)
This is an Oxford development project and the brewery may not get underway for a while. Expected opening should be early 2019.
The Lawrenceville location may remain active. Update to follow.

Inner Groove Brewery
751 E Railroad Street, Verona 15147

Lincoln Avenue Brewery>
538 Lincoln Ave, Bellevue 15202
Lincoln Avenue Facebook page
Received a pending brewing license in January 2018 so opening will be a while.

Rogan Brewery>
Rogan Brewing Company
925B Duquesne Blvd, Duquesne 15201-2718
Owner and brewer: Rick Morgan
The brewery is under construction. Plans are to have a taproom in Homestead on E 8th Avenue.

Stonewall Cider House and Meadery>
73 Allegheny River Blvd. 15147, Verona

Note: Other websites or social media sites may show other “new” breweries coming to our area but they will not be listed here unless there is solid evidence that they have something more than just say “we are coming”.

Breweries & Brewpubs in Building or Planning in Allegheny County
Not listed in the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Data Base
(3 not yet licensed as of this posting date)

Copper Kettle Brewery
Pittsburgh (Garfield)
In planning. Construction may not have started.

Etna Borough
In planning. Construction may not have started.

Grist House Brewery
Collier Township
The building has been acquired but building out needs to take place. Beer has been moved to this location for aging, which indicates a Pa. LCB license has been issued. If so it has not been posted on the state website as of this posting.

Note: These breweries are not listed in the LCB site as they do not have a pending license. Licensing usually occurs after the brewer secures a location.

Closed Breweries & Brewpubs in Allegheny County
Not all are listed in the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Data Base
(13 Breweries closed permanently)
(Breweries that have been renamed or closed due to relocation not in this list)

Draai Laag Brewery (Commercial)=
Allison Park
The building did not fit the needs of the brewery so operation were moved to Glenshaw.

Draai Laag/Strange Roots moved brewing from Millvale to Allison Park then to Gibsonia and during all of this they changed their name. Bear with me on this guys.

Iron City Brewery (Commercial) =
Pittsburgh (Lawrenceville)
This was one of Pennsylvania’s largest breweries. The property was sold but the beer is made by City Brewing in Latrobe, Pa.

John Harvard's Brew House=
Wilkin’s Township
This was a national chain and one of the list ones to close.
Seam McItyre was number 2 brewer here but move to the number 1 spot at Valhalla. After its closure he became head brewer at North Country.

Milkman Brewery=
Pittsburgh (Strip District)

Penn Brewery=
Pittsburgh (North Side)
This brewery closed for a few years but reopened after Tom Pastorius and other investors bought it.

Rivertowne Pour House (Brewery) =
312 Center Road, Monroeville
Phone: 412 372 8199
Owner: Fybomax Inc.
Brewery with restaurant.
Opened 1997,closed in late 2018.
Brewer: Andrew Maxwell

Robber Baron Brewery=
Babcock Blvd., Ross Township
This brewery closed almost as soon as it received its brewing license.

Strange Roots Experimental Ales=
501 E Ohio Street, Millvale
This is the first venue for Strange Roots, which went by the name of Draai Laag until the name was changed on March 7, 2018. All brewing moved from Millvale to Gibsonia.

Strip Brewery=
Pittsburgh (Strip District)
Opened 1997 (grand opening June 6), closed
Original brewer Bill Ehlert came down from Buffalo Brewing. It was said that he moved south after the brewery closed. Bill did traditional ales served in wood casks and without pressure or pumping. Bill had an assistant, but heaven help me, as I can’t remember his name. The Strip Brewery made good beer on tap and cask. One thing that set them apart (until John Harvard’s) was the interesting cask ale on the back bar. This beer was served at room temperature and via gravity. Those were the days.

Sweet Water Brewery (Foundry Ale Works) =
Pittsburgh (Strip District)
Opened November 1997, closed 2003

Original brewer Jonathan Zangwill was known throughout the region for brewing some of the most highly hopped beer ever to pass the lips of mankind. It is easy to dump tons of hops in a brew but that would make it undrinkable. Jonathan knew how to balance the hops with the malt to make beers we still talk about today.

Aran Madden came after Jonathan but he left for the Church in early January 1999. Aran then left Pittsburgh to become a brewer in Wisconsin and co-founder of Furthermore Beer.
Sadly missed as well is bartender Debbie.

Three Mugs Brew Pub (Brewery) =
Pittsburgh (East Liberty)
This brewery closed just after construction began.

Three Rivers Brewery=
Pittsburgh (Strip District)
This may be a bit murky, but my hop infused brain remembers Mark Slater getting a call while he was in bed in England. He had replied to an ad for a brewer’s position in Pittsburgh. He accepted and in no time flat we had a third brewery. Mark’s beers started to be poured in December of 1996. Sadly this venture did not last and the brewery was closed on July 31, 1997.

When the brewery closed he and family (wife Judy) moved to New York State. They soon moved back to the UK. Upon his return he began brewing for St. Peter’s Brewery in Bungay. Did I say that Mark was an Englishman? That should be all that needs to be said. As I have been drinking in the UK for some 30 years I can say his were spot on.

During the 1990’s there was much concern about the growing number of clubs and restaurants coming to residential neighborhoods. The Church was doing well nearby and so was the Three Rivers. The Strip District was attractive because few people lived there ho would complain and parking was free. This would spawn three more brewpubs.

Valhalla Brewery=
Smallmand Street at 11th Street, Pittsburgh (Strip District)
Opened 1997, closed September 29, 2003

Original brewer Dave Strock was a short-timer and was quickly followed by Patrick O’Neal (1997 – 1998) and finally Sean McIntyre on August 18, 1998. Patrick came up from the parent brewery in Louisiana and Seam came from John Harvard’s, Pittsburgh where he was assistant brewer to Bill Bryson. When Valhalla closed, Seam moved to the original brewer spot at North County Brewing in Butler Co. English ales were featured here but their signature beer was the Pils.

Christopher Passodelis was the original owner but sold the brewpub in 2003. In September of that year they ceased brewing operations.

Breweries & Brewpubs in Allegheny County that have Moved or Renamed
Out of 9, 5 have moved and 4 were renamed

Allegheny Brewery and Pub
800 Vinial Street, Pittsburgh (North Side)
This was the restaurant of the Pennsylvania Brewing Company. It was both Pittsburgh’s and Pennsylvania’s first brewery tied-house. The restaurant changed its name to Penn Brewery.

Draai Laag
Draai Laag moved the brewery from Millvale to Allison Park but as that space was insufficient and the brewery was moved to Glenshaw. The trading name of the brewery was changed to Strange Roots Experimental Ales in 2018.

Draai Laag
This was the original brewery but is now the taproom. The brewery was moved to Allison Park but as that space was insufficient the brewery was moved to Glenshaw. The trading name of the taproom was changed to Strange Roots Experimental Ales,

Aurochs Brewery
2124 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh (Strip District) 15222
The brewery moved to Emsworth, as shown under Open Breweries.

East End Brewing
6580 Susqahanna Street, Pittsburgh (Homewood)
Moved to Julius Street, Pittsburgh (Larimer)

Hitchhiker Brewery
190 Castle Shannon Blvd., Mt. Lebanon 15228
Phone: 412 343-1950
Owner: Hitchhiker Brewing Company, Gary & Serena Olden
Brewery’s Taproom. Brewer: Andy Kwiatkowski
The brewery moved to Sharpsburg, as shown under Open Breweries.

Pig Hill Brewery
Pittsburgh (North Side)
Moved brewing operations to Pittsburgh (Larimar).

Trios Brewery
337-341 E 8th Avenue, Homestead 15120
Manager: David Rodrigues
Renamed to Enix Brewery

War Streets Brewery
1416 Arch Street, Pittsburgh (North Side)
Owner: Jake Bier, Bier’s Beer Co.
The building is a fire house build in the 1800’s.
Relocated the brewery to Western Avenue, Pittsburgh (North Side)

Links of Interest:

Pittsburgh Brewers Guild

Pa. LCB Liquor Code, Title 40

Clean Indoor Air Act Exceptions (Smoking Permitted Establishments)

Interesting Tidbits on our area Breweries

Brewery with a movie screen: Abjuration Brewery, McKees Roacks.

Brewery with a bowling alley: Enix Brewery, Homestead.

Brewery in a church: Church Brewer Works.

Brewery at a US Army Nike missile site: Grist House

Brewery that had an English brewer: Three Rivers, now closed.

First Brewery-Pub in Pa. and Pittsburgh. Penn Brewery.

Brewery with a system of caves: Penn Brewery.

Brewery with its own gas well: Iron City Brewery, now closed.

Brewery making gluten free beer: Aurochs Brewery.

Brewery making Kombucha: Pig Hill Brewery.

Breweries growing their on hops on-site: Church Brew Works, Hop Farm.
Please let me know if there are others.

Breweries that have opened in an old brewery:
Penn Brewery in the Eberhardt & Ober Brewery, (Pittsburgh North Side).
Hitchhiker Brewery in the Ft. Pitt Brewery Boiler House, Sharpsburg.

First woman brewer (called a brewster) in Allegheny County: Meg Evans.

Notes and Glossary:

Additional updates to follow.
I use the word Brewery in the titles to identify the premise is a brewery.

The 1986 date at the top of this is the date that Pennsylvania’s first brewery tied-house (Penn Brewery) was licensed.

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board does not always list breweries by their common name but sometimes by their corporate name.

A brewery is a manufacturing plant not typically open to the public unless tours are available. Breweries may have an attached restaurant or taproom.

A brewpub is a brewery that has a license to have an attached restaurant. The restaurant has some different restrictions that regular restaurants are permitted.

If the brewery has a restaurant license, such as Penn or the Church Brew Works, dogs are not permitted other that service dogs. Brewpubs are not permitted to have dogs. Breweries that do not have a restaurant license or are a brewpub can permit dogs if they wish. Typically these breweries offer food using private vendor food trucks. These food trucks are inspected by the Allegheny County Health Department.

Serving of Food

Sunday Sales
Pennsylvania permits the sale of alcohol on Sunday but license holders must have a separate Sunday License. Please inquire to the establishment if they offer Sunday sales.