Who’s Who in Pittsburgh’s Brewing History
(An Index of People in Pittsburgh Brewers .com)

June 1, 2014


This page may be either changed to be just an index of names to help locate people who were connected with the breweries, or eliminated altogether. I would like to publish a mini biography of the people in the brewing trade, which this is becoming, but the number of letter size pages it is amounting to is increasing rapidly.

This Document

This document can be used to find brewers, brewery owners or brewery workers, associated with a specific brewery. Additional information about these people may be found on the pages indicated. Others not directly involved with the operations can be listed here.

Person’s Name
Birth Date & Birth City – Death Date & Death City (If known)
Neighborhood, Brewery (This is the Pittsburgh neighborhood and related brewery)
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The Sections in this work are (other than Neighborhoods):
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General Entries

Auen, Peter
South Side, Diamond Brewing Co.

Auen, Philip
South Side, Diamond Brewing Co.

Allegheny County, Emsworth, Aurochs Brewery
Strip District, Aurochs Brewery

Baumgartner, Joseph
January 5, 1858 – March 1912
Not listed
Was brewmaster for Hippley & Sons Iron City Brewery from1882 to 1885. From 1885 to 1894 he was with another unknown Pittsburgh brewery. In 1893 he and Bernard Schneider founded the Spring Brewery at Latrobe. About the same time he founded breweries in Sioux City, Iowa and Camden, New Jersey. He incorporated the Spring Brewery at Latrobe as the Punxsutawney Brewing Company in 1902. He died in Los Angeles having built the Bakersfield (California) Brewery.

Baeuerlein, Adam (father of Adam A. & Christian)
Strip District, Baeuerlein Brewery

Baeuerlein, Adam A. (son of Adam)
July 5, 1815 Bavaria – May 18, 1874 Pittsburgh
Strip District, Baeuerlein Brewery
Brewery and saloon owner. The History of Allegheny County by A. Warner & Co. suggests that he built four breweries. The first was in Liberty Street in (Strip District) Pittsburgh in 1845 and the fourth in Shaler in 1866. Warner does not identify the other two.

Baeuerlein, Christian (son of Adam)
Born September 23, 1846 Pittsburgh
Millvale, Star Brewery
Strip District, Baeuerlein Brewery
The principal of the brewery located in Millvale, Pa. He operated the brewery along with his brother(s) and Fred Klussman.

Beck, John
Gangwisch Comparative Notes
Strip District, Beck Brewery

Benitz, Anton
b.1803 – d. 1858
Pittsburgh Brewing Comparative Notes

Bennett, Anthony
Strip District, Bennett Brewery

Biesinger, John
Homewood, Liberty Brewing Company
Brewmaster in 1918

Boettcher, Peter
History of Penn Brewery

Booth, Thomas
North Side, Allegheny Brewery (Young & Booth)

Bryce, James
South Side, Christian Moerlein Warehouse
He was the property owner in which the Christian Moerlien Warehouse is located.

Bryson, Bill
Allegheny County, Wilkins Twp., John Harvard’s Brewery
Bill was the original brewmaster at this location.

Burns, Martin

Carlow, Michael
Pittsburgh Brewing Comparative Notes
Brewmaster at Pittsburgh Brewing Co., Lawrenceville

Carson, Joseph M. (1869-1874) These dates need to be re-checked
Carson partnered with Darlington (1838 – 1914) Carson & Darlington were related thru marriage and although Carson had a brewery there is no evidence that Darlington was actively involved in the venture.

Carroll, Matthew
Allegheny Co. section, Homestead, Rock Bottom (See Walnut Brewery)
Matthew was the original brewmaster at this location from April 1, 2002 (opening date) until he left in 2007.

Casey, Sean
Lawrenceville, Lawrenceville Brewery (Church Brewer Works)
Owner of the Church Brew Works and Lawrenceville Brewery

Cincotta, Dominic
Highland Park, Costar Brewing Co.

Clemens, George
b. Germany – d. November 21, 1914 Pittsburgh
South Side, Duquesne Brewery
South Side, Nusser’s National Brewery
He was a brewer who worked for 23 years at the Nusser Brewery on the South Side. When Nusser closed he work as a brewer at the Duquesne Brewery on the south Side until his death at 65. He lived on Nusser Street and his widow remained there after his death. One of George’s children, John worked for Duquesne Brewery as well.

Cole, Matt
History of Penn Brewery
Although Matt was connected with Penn, he brewed at Rocky River and currently with the Fat Heads Brewery, both in the Cleveland area.

Coppinger, Joseph
b. County Cork, Ireland
Joseph Coppinger came to New York City (198 Duane St) from County Cork in 1802 although some sources have him being English. He soon thereafter moved to Pittsburg and stayed until 1814. While in Pittsburgh he operated the Point Brewery. In 1802 he wrote President Jefferson, from New York asking how to obtain a patent on preserving animal substances without using salt. He then wrote once more from Pittsburgh on January 3, 1803.

Dannals, Pier
Uptown, Pier & Dannals Oregon Brewery (Oddity)
This person has a name that is identical to a brewery having the same name but he has no connection to it. Mr. Dannals was the Prothonotary for the Superior Court of Western Pennsylvania in the early 1900’s.

Darlington, Harry
b. January 1838 Philadelphia – d. September 1914 New York
Moved to Pittsburgh in 1859
Downtown, Darlington Brewery
Phoenix Brewery Comparative Notes
He and Carson owned a brewery on First Avenue in Downtown. He was an industrialist with brewing only one of his ventures. He became a wealthy man and it seems safe to say his brewery was more of an investment than an occupation.

Records from the Central High School in Philadelphia show Harry Darlington attending the Zane Street School and leaving at the age of 14 years, 8 months in February1855.

Davis, Mark
Special Interest, Pittsburgh Brewing
Mark was the assistant brewer at Pittsburgh Brewing, Lawrenceville location.

Demel, Alex
Special Interest, History of Penn Brewery
Alex was the start-up brewer for the (at the time) Allegheny Brewery & pub, now known as the Pennsylvania Brewing Company. Coming from Germany he left after a few years to pursue brewing in Europe.

George Edel (Father of George J)
b. December 17, 1840 – d. January 11, 1911
South Side, Edel & Leifers Brewery
South Side, Edel & Seiferth Brewing Co.
South Side, Wilhelm’s Brewery, Carolina
See the Genealogical and Personal History of Fayette County Pennsylvania, Volume 1, edited by John Woolf Jordan, James Hadden, page 95.

Edel, George J (Son of George)
b. December 5, 1872, Pittsburgh
Eldest son of George, above
_Duff’s Business College of Pittsburgh, educated
_American Brewers Academy of Chicago, educated
_In Canton, Ohio with his father until 1882
_Eberhardt & Ober Brewing; started work there in 1882
_J. Weil Malting Co. of Chicago in 1885
_Found du Lac Malting Grain Co. of Chicago, afterwards
_Phoenix Brewing of Pittsburgh
_Pfaudler Vacuum Fermentation Co. of Rochester, NY as traveling mechanical engineer and brewmaster.
_Chicago Brewing Co. as general manager
_Organized the Brownsville Brewing Co. in 1903
_Organized the Brownsville Ice Co.

He married on December 20, 1899 to Euphemia Stephenson (b. May 18, 1878) of England having come to America in 1880 to Washington Co.

Ehlert, Bill
Strip District, Strip Brewery
Bill came from Buffalo Brewing to head brewing operations at the short-lived brewery.

Englert, Walter
Allegheny County, Carnegie, Chartiers Brewing

Enz, Michael
North Side

Uptown, Fawcett & Walker Brewery

Felson, Auhust Erbrich
Oakland, Oakland Brewery

Finley, Thomas
East Liberty, Thomas Finley entry

Friedel, Henry
South Side, Friedel Brewery

Frauenheim A. A.
b. October 1, 1820 Germany –
Came to America on July 4, 1840
Strip District, Frauenheim & Vilsack Brewery
Lawrenceville, Frauenheim & Vilsack Brewery
Lawrenceville, Iron City Brewery (Not Brewing Company)


Frauenheim, Edward
b. October 1, 1820 Osnerbruck) Germany
Came to America on July 4, 1840 when he was 20. He was 41 (1861) when he became associated with Hoeveler, Vilsack, et al. The BBC reported that he first met Vilsack in 1855, but Vilsack was already with Hoeveler in 1840.

Fritz, Gustave A
Brewmaster, Pittsburgh Brewing Company, Iron City plant, 1918.

Beging Gangwisch Family

Gangwisch, John
b. August 1845 Baden, Germany – d. July 16, 1916 Pittsburgh
Gangwisch Comparative Notes
Gangwisch Comparative Notes, working at John Beck Brewery
Comparative Notes, Gangwisch Comparative Notes
Strip District, Gangwisch Brewery
He married Sarah Agnes Gaynor on or about 1870 in Pittsburgh, Pa. They had a son, George William (b. April 24, 1874, d. 1958).

Gangwisch, John P. & John
John P. was the father of John. John P. started his brewing career in the Strip District and moved to Lawrenceville where he retired from the business. His son, John, operated the brewery in Bloomfield with members of the Straub family from the North Side.

Gangwisch, Richard H.
Gangwisch Comparative Notes
North Side (Manchester) Gangwisch Brewery
North Side (Manchester) Gangwisch Brewery Explosion
Phoenix Brewery Comparative Notes
Strip District, Phoenix Brewery
Strip District, Phoenix Brewery Comparative Notes
Richard Gangwisch attended the Brewers Association (as a delegate) and was identified as being from Philadelphia. He was granted a license to brew in Pittsburgh according to the Pittsburgh Dispatch on April 25, 1890.

Richard received a patent for an Apparatus for Racking Beer as illustrated here:
http://www.google.com/patents/US647298.pdf. It is dated April 10, 1900. According to the Transactions of the American Brewing Institute, Volume 1 (1902), he was brewer for the Phoenix Brewery.

End Gangwisch Family

Gerst, George
North Side, Gerst Brewery, Hippley Comparative Notes

Gerst, Philip
North Side Enterprise Brewery, Hippley Comparative Notes
Immigration records have Gerstbrein moving to Allegheny City. It is well known that immigration officials changed last names so this could be the so original spelling

Geyer, Joseph
Bloomfield, Straub Brewery
Strip District, Spencer & Liddell (Phoenix) Brewery
Brewer. He was born in Hessendaemstadt, Germany and died in Mt. Clemens, Michigan on October 31, 1917.

Gorman, John
Downtown, Gorman’s Brewery
Owner of a brewery believed to be in an area known as Kensington or Pipetown, which is the current site of the Allegheny County Jail.

Gouwens, Matt
Lawrenceville, Hop Yard Brewery/Hop Farm Brewery

Gruetzmacher, Erik
Allegheny County, Wilkins Twp., John Harvard’s Brewery

Gutbrob, Bernard
Strip District

Hammer, Oscar E
b. September 1870 Illinois – d. May 2, 1918 Illinois
Hazelwood, Hazelwood Brewing Company
In 1918 he was the brewmaster for the Hazelwood Brewing Company according to the Malt Brewer’s Association. He was a member of the Master Brewer’s Association. Census records suggest that he never left the Chicago area. He would have been 48 years old in 1918, still young enough to come to Pittsburgh for work, albeit a short one.

Hamilton Brown & Co.

Hanna, Ken (Jeff)
Highland Park, Costar Brewing Co.

Hartung, George A.
Allegheny County, McKeesport

Hauch, Gustave W.
Allegheny County, Brackenridge, Anchor Brewing
Allegheny County, Tarentum, Anchor Brewing

Hauck, Ernst
South Side, Hauck Brewery

Held, Sebastian
North Side

Hoefling, George
Hill District
Owner of said brewery believed to be in the Hill District.
George lived at 3 Decatur Street and Michael lived at 25 Diamond Street. Both were listed as brewers in the Directory of Pittsburgh and Allegheny cities. Decatur Street was found on a map of 1872 where it was located coming off Liberty near the point.

Hoeveler, Augustus
b. March 26, 1820 Hanover, Germany – d. December 20, 1868 Pittsburgh
Downtown, Strip District
Associated with Frauenheim, Miller, Vilsack
Born in Ankum, Germany and arrived in Pittsburgh at the age of 17 in 1837. Hoeveler was a developer of property in suburban Pittsburgh. His primary business was that of a grocer. He became a wealthy man but there is no conclusive support that he was a brewer. It appears that he invested in a brewery with Miller, who was an original owner.

Hoffman, H. H.

Hogle, Frank S.
South Side, Hogl Brewery
South Side, Hogl & Rohry Brewery

Hopf, Edward Tyson
North Side, Eberhardt & Ober
Edward was the son of Frank & Rachel Hopf. He learned brewing at Eberhardt & Ober but after 3 years he went to a brewery in Savanah, George until 1898. He returned to Eberhardt & Ober until1907 when he moved to New Kensington wherehe became brewmaster for the Independent Brewing Company.

Hopf, Frank
b. 1841 Dusseldorf – d. 1908
North Side, Hippely & Hopf Brewery
Although a blacksmith by trade he was a partner with Hippely.
He arrived in America in 1843 and married Rachel Hoffman from Frankfurt. They had one son, Edward T.
Frank (brother of Joseph) was the proprietor of the brewery on Plank Road between 1861 and 1875. He was listed as the brewer at the F. Hogl & Brothers Brewery on 18
th Street between 1865 and 1875.

Joseph Hogl (brother of Frank S.) was a brewer between 1863 and 1867.

The following was found but may have no connection with the Hogl Brewery in Pittsburgh. Note the difference in the spelling of the last name.
From the Genealogical and Personal History of Fayette County, Pennsylvania, Volume 1, page 139. John Hogle was born and married in Germany. He came to the United States in 1866 where he settled in Westmorland County. He built and operated (unknown date) the Hogle Brewery until his death. I do not know the city that he lived in.

Joseph Tippman was from Germany came to America in 1866 where he settled in Westmoreland County. He lived in Betty Station and went to work at Hogle’s brewery. He would marry one of Hogle’s daughters. He left the brewery in 1885 and moved to Connellsville where he built the Tippman Brewery; Fayette County’s first.

Hoffman, Phillip
South Side, Keystone Brewing Co.
Brewmaster in 1918

Hough, Greg & Matt
Greenfield, Copper Kettle Brewing Co.

August Hoeveler
b. March 26, 1820 Hanover, Germany – d. December 20, 1868 Pittsburgh
His father William died at the early age at 42.

Huckenstein, W & G
North Side

Isherwood, Jack
Special Interest, Pennsylvania Brewing Company
Pittsburgh Brewing Comparative Notes

Ivan (can’t remember his last name)
Special Interest, History of Penn Brewery

Kaltenhauser, V.
Property owner in Oakland on which housed a brewery going by the name of Kaltenhauser & Schaller Larger Beer Brewers.

Keichenbach, John N
South Side

Kennedy, Joseph

Kieffer, Karl
Strip District, Pittsburgh Brewers & Bottler Supply Company

Klussman, Frederick
b. May 29, 1875 Millvale, Pa.
Millvale, Baeuerlein Brewery
Operated the C. Baeuerlein Brewery in Millvale (Shaler) with the Baeuerlein brothers.

Special Interest, Eberhardt & Ober History

Kopp, Franz
Allegheny County, Duquesne City, Duquesne Brewery

Kottler, Martin
Allegheny County, Carnegie, Chartiers Brewing

Krauss, Fred
North Side

Kurbjuhn, Eckhart
South Side, Hofbrauhaus Brewery
Eckhart Kurbjuhn was the start-up brewery for the Hofbrauhaus Brewery on the South Side. He was no longer at the brewery as of May 2012.

Lang, Frederick (Fred)

Lang, George W
North Side, Concord Brewery
North Side, Concord Brewery Vaults

Lauer, George
South Side, Lauer Brewery

Lauer, Henry
South Side, Lauer Brewery

Lauer, Philip
d. July 15, 1915
South Side, Lauer Brewery
Note: Lauer and Leuer were two different people that were brewing at two different locations. This is not a misspelling.

Lemp, Lillian
Downtown, Lemp Brewery

Leuer Brewery
South Side, Leuer Brewery

Liddell, Robert
Phoenix Brewery Comparative Notes
Strip District, Phoenix Brewery

Liddell & Spencer Marriage
Phoenix Brewery Comparative Notes

Lutz, Anton
North Side, Luyz Brewery (Lion & Allegheny)
The 1910 Hopkins Atlas, Plate 41 shows property belonging to Anton Lutz on California Avenue at the bend where Benton Avenue comes into it.

Lutz, Felix G
North Side

Lutz, Damas
d. December 10, 1914
North Side
Lutz was more than a North Side brewer as the Lutz Companies were engaged in the manufacturing of pickles and preserves. They had plants throughout the area.

Macintyre, Sean
Allegheny County, Wilkins Twp. John Harvard’s Brewery
Strip District, Valhalla
The assistant brewer at the John Harvard’s Brewpub in Wilkins Township at it’s opening in Pittsburgh. He then became head brewer at Valhalla in the Strip District. After the closure of Valhalla he became head brewer at North Country Brewing in Slippery Rock.

Madden, Arren
Lawrenceville, Lawrenceville Brewery (Church Brew Works)
Strip District, Sweetwater Brewing Co. (Foundry Ale Works)

Madden, Arren
Lawrenceville, Lawrenceville Brewery (Church Brew Works)
Strip District, Foundry Ale Works, Strip District
Brewer at the Church Brew Works, Lawrenceville (2004) and the Foundry Ale Works in the Strip District.

Maxwell, Andrew
Allegheny County, Monroeville, Rivertowne Pour House
Allegheny County, Wilkins Twp. John Harvard’s Brewery

Metzer, Michael
West End, Metzer Brewery

Meussner, Charles
South Side, Meussner Brewery

Meyers, Phillip
Strip District, Meyers Brewery

Miller, John A.
Pittsburgh Brewing Comparative Notes

Mitler Brewery, South Side

Mueller, John H
North Side, Mueller Brewery

Mueller, John M
North Side, Mueller Brewery (John M)

Mueller, Frederick W
b. 1847 – d. February 17, 1912
Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh Brewing
Born in Berlin, he arrived in America in 1873. Living in New York, and Cincinnati he arrived in Pittsburgh in 1887. He was associated with the founding of the Pittsburgh Brewing Company in 1899. His son, John F. was with Pittsburgh Brewing and another son, Paul H. was with Mueller& Kusen.

Muth Jr., Jac.

Nuskern, Martin
b. November 20, 1860 – d. February 12, 1936
North Side
The Pittsburgh Press published a story on November 18, 1932, Turn the Spigot, by Ruth Ayers. It illustrated the work of Martin Nusskern who worked at the plant for 40 years. He came to American and was hired by Eberhardt & Ober. Martin took over when head brewer Frank Hahney left in 1896. Workers had four beers each day: 10:00 am, noon, 3:00 pm and at quieting time. He is buried in Ridgelawn Cemetery, Reserve Township.

Nusser, John (father of John Henry)
South Side, National Brewery

Nusser, John Henry (son of John)
b. January 31, 1821 – d. July 18,1895
South Side, National Brewery
Owner of the National Brewery located on the South Side. John Nasser lived in the Borough of Carrick in 1908 as it is so documented that he contributed to the American Bison Society at that time. He had property at South 12th Street (Birmingham Street at the time) at Clinton, adjacent to St. Michael’s Church. Illustrated on Plate 3.

Begin Ober Family

Ober, Charles F
North Side, F. L. Ober Brother Brewery
Charles became a partner in the F. L. Ober & Brother Brewery with Frank. Charles was the younger brother in the brewer’s name. When the brewery was sold to Pittsburgh Brewing Co. he became a superintendant in the company.

Charles married Mary Amelia Sauer of Allegheny. One of their daughters married Joseph Rooney of Pittsburgh’s North Side. This was before the Pittsburgh Steeler Rooney family moved to Pittsburgh. I don’t think there are any family ties. Charles lived on Avery Street.

Ober, Frank L
b. January 2, 1851 Allegheny City, Pa.
North Side, F. L. Ober Brother Brewery
Third child of George & Mary (Vogel) Ober
He worked for his father’s brewery. His father retired from the trade in 1878 and he and his brother Charles F. took over the operations known as F. L. Ober & Brother Brewery. They sold to Pittsburgh Brewing in 1899.

Ober, George
North Side, F. L. Ober Brother Brewery
Father of George & F. L. Ober
Retired from brewing in 1878

Ober, G. A.
Allegheny County, Tarentum, Anchor Brewing

End Ober Family

O’Hara, James
b. 1752 County Mayo, Ireland – d. December 21, 1819
Came to Philadelphia in 1772, Pittsburgh in 1773
Downtown, Point Brewery
Revolutionary War veteran and early Pittsburgh industrialist. Although his name is associated with a brewery it is my opinion that he was more of an investor more than a brewer. Refer to the Point Brewery in Downtown.

He met Mary Carson in Philadelphia in 1783 and they married. He and partner John Reed established the Point Brewery. O’Hara Township is named after him and he is the maternal grandfather of Mary Schenley who donated Schenley Park.

Soho, O’Reilly & Cousin Malt House
Treasurer: Pittsburgh Brewers and Bottlers Supply Company.
Married the daughter of Edward Frauenheim of Pittsburgh Brewing.

O’Reilly, John J.
Strip District, Pittsburgh Brewers and Bottlers Supply Company

Pastorius, Thomas (Tom) Vaughn
b. September 22, 1944 – d. September 6, 2012 Sewickley, Pa.
Special Interest, History of Penn Brewery
North Side, Pennsylvania Brewing Co. (Allegheny Brewing Co.)
North Side, Pennsylvania Brewing Co. (Penn Brewery)
The first owner of the Allegheny Brewery/Penn Brewery: the first brewery-restaurant (brewpub) in Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania.

Pearson, Bryan
Lawrenceville, Lawrenceville Brewing Co. (Church Brewer Works)
First head brewer at Church Brew Works located in Lawrenceville.

Piccirilli, Joe
Pittsburgh Brewing Comparative Notes

Uptown, Pier & Dannals Oregon Brewery

Allegheny County, McKeesport, Enst Reichenbach
Downtown, O’Hara & Reed

Reichenbach, Enst
Allegheny County, McKeesport, Enst Reichenbach

Reichenbach, John H.
Allegheny County, McKeesport, Enst Reichenbach
South Side, Reichenbauch Brewery
Josephine Street Comparative Notes

Rhodes, Joshua
b. March 19, 1823 London – d. 1909 Pittsburgh
Verner-Brown Comparative Notes
Joshua Rhodes was an astute businessman and engaged in many business ventures. One such venture was in brewing. His first was the Joshua Rhodes & Verner Brewery (1854-1861). He purchased his first brewery from Tracy and Wilkinson after 1843 but I have no firm date.

After coming to Pittsburgh with his family he opened a grocery store in 1839. He was 16 years old. Over the years he became industrialist and operating a brewer was just one venture. His death notice in the Pittsburgh Press on January 6, 1909 reported his brewery to be near the Point.

Joshua was a member of St. John’s Masonic Lodge 219, Zerubbabel Chapter. He lived at 939 Western Avenue between 1870 and 1909.

See page 757 of
History of Pittsburgh & Environs, Volume III for Verner and Verona.

Richard, Wendy (British TV actress)
Special Interest, History of Penn Brewery

South Side, Hogl & Rohry Brewery
Strip District, Baeuerlien Brewery
I can’t find anything on Rohry, but he may have been related to Hogl.

Rooney, Dan
Allegheny County, Braddock, General Braddock Brewing Co.

Rosich, Nick
Special Interest, History of Penn Brewery

Rusch, E.F.
South Side, Christian Moerlein Warehouse
South Side, Rauch & Rudman Brewery

Scott, Andrew

Schmelz, Heinrich
West End, Schemlz Brewery

Schmitt, Charles
Allegheny County, Homestead, Homestead Brewery

Schoelz, Henry
West End, Schoelz Brewery

Schafer, John H.
South Side, Sheridan Brewery
The owner of the Sheridan Brewery located in the South Side.

Oakland, Kaltenhauser & Schaller Larger Beer Brewers
Co-owner of the Kaltenhauser & Schaller Larger Beer Brewers located in Oakland.

Schoetz, Henry
West End

Seaman, Pete
Allegheny County, Wilkins Twp., John Harvard’s Brewery

Shanta, Paul
Special Interest, History of Penn Brewery
Head brewery at Penn in 2004

Begin Shiras Family

Peter Shiras (1) father of George (1774)
George Shiras (1774) son of Peter (1)
William Shiras son of Peter (1)

George Shiras (1806) son of George (1774)

Peter Shiras (1825)
Oliver P. Shiras (1833) Lawyer

William M. Shiras Sr. father of Peter (1843)
Peter Shiras (1843) Lawrence County, Ohio

Shiras, George
Born 1774 Ht. Holly, New Jersey – Died Pittsburgh
Downtown, Franklin Brewery, Point Brewery
Homewood, Highland Brewery
He was a member of the New Jersey Militia in 1794 was sent to western Pennsylvania to put down the Whiskey Rebellion. On his return one year after he persuaded his father (Peter) to buy the fort at Pittsburgh from the government. On this ground George built a house with the bricks from the magazine.

George Shiras is buried in the Trinity Church yard.
Colonial and Revolutionary Families of Pennsylvania by John W. Jordan

George Shiras (the elder) built a brewery at the point. His son George married Eliza Herron. They had a son George (Jan 26, 1832-Aug 4, 1924) who became Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court. Peter Shiras was the father of George the elder. Peter bought Ft. Pitt from the federal government in 1795. Oliver and Chief Justice George were partners at one time in Iowa.

Historical Note: This shift in Foster’s style reflects a changing racial attitude and may have been precipitated or enhanced by several events. In 1850 Congress passed the Fugitive Slave Law, permitting slave owners to send bounty hunters or “slave catchers” to the north to recuperate run-away slaves. This led to numerous demonstrations in Foster’s home city of Pittsburgh and put new emphasis on the plight of African Americans. Charles Shiras (1824-1854), one of Foster’s closest friends and an abolitionist poet, wrote a poem entitled “Bloodhound” in reaction

Shiras, O. P.

Shiras, Peter
Peter bought the fort in 1795 but there is little evidence that it was used for nothing more than brick reclamation. In the book,
History of Allegheny County, A Warner tells of Peter owning the fort and living on the land. Peter did offer a large room for use as a Methodist Church, which was the first meeting place for them in Pittsburgh. He sold the land to O’Hara in 1802.

Shiras, William
Son of Peter Shiras

End Shiras Family

Shultz, Charles Adolph
Allegheny County, Homestead, Homestead Brewery

Silvery, Adam
b. 1798 Germany – d. 1879
Strip District, Coltart & Silvery
Adam Silvey was born in Germany and came to Pennsylvania when he was three years old. He began a career as a brewer in Philadelphia and came to Pittsburg to work in the same trade. His brewery here was destroyed by fire and he then moved to Washington, Pa. where he became a clerk. The brewery was known to be operating around 1816.

Slatter, Mark
Strip District, Tree Rivers Brewing
Three River Brewing, Strip District
He was the only brewer at Three Rivers Brewing Company. He came to Pittsburgh from England and went to Buffalo, NY briefly before returning to become the head brewer at St. Peter’s Brewery in Bungay, England.

Smith, Alfred E (son of George W.)
b. April 29, 1843
Alfred was the son of George W. He learned to brew at his father’s brewery (after 1861) in Wheeling. When his father retired in 1865 he went to work for Carson & Darlington in Pittsburgh for three years.

Alfred Smith operated his father’s brewery in Wheeling, the G W Smith Brewery at 1700 Chapline Street from 1870 – 1877.

In 1877, Alfred, along with George Kinghorm purchased the Market Street Brewery in Wheeling. At the time the brewery was known as the J. P. Brockhardt & Co. The Market Street Brewery was incorporated in 1891 but closed in 1902.

Smith, George W (father of Alfred)
b. 1799
Verner – Brown Comparative Notes
George father of Alfred E worked for Brown & Verner for three years starting in 1829 and then became a partner. He then bought the brewery but sold it in 1862 when he moved to East Wheeling, Virginia. He also had a brewery in East Wheeling since 1847 that he operated until his retirement in 1865. Henry Moore built the (Wheeling Brewing) in East Wheeling in 1822. Reference: West Virginia became a state on June 20, 1863.
George Smith came to American in 1819.

Smith, Robert

Smith, Scott
Larimer, East End Brewing Company
Homewood, East End Brewing Company

Spencer, Joseph
Phoenix Brewery Comparative Notes
Strip District, Phoenix Brewery

Begin Straub Family
Peter Straub is not included in this section

Straub, D. K.
Bloomfield, Straub Brewery
Straub Brewery, Bloomfield

Straub, Herman A.
North Side
Straub Comparative Notes

Straub, John N. (Father of John H.)
North Side
Straub Comparative Notes
John N. Straub was the founder and brewer of the brewery bearing his name. John was married to Elizabeth Lang. Three of their sons; Charles Louis, Herman A (b. 1851) and Theodore F. went on to for the Straub brewery in Bloomfield.

John N. walked to Pittsburgh from Baltimore and opened a brewery in 1832. It was to merge with Eberhardt & Ober in 1883. John N. had land in Willow Grove in Hopkins 1897 Atlas, Plate 18. Willow Grove was between Spring Garden Borough and Millvale. His land was on Troy Hill Road having St. Peter’s Cemetery behind it. It was in Reserve Township and not Allegheny City.

Straub, Theodore
Co-Owner of the Straub Brewery located in Bloomfield, which took over from the Gangwisch Brewery. Theodore (1836 – 1910).

End Straub Family

Straub, Peter P.
Allegheny County, McKeesport, entry as Peter Straub
Straub Comparative Notes
Straub of St. Marys
Founder of the Straub Brewery in St. Marys, Pa., Peter’s brewing carrier began in Allegheny working for John H. Straub at the Eberhardt & Ober Brewery. They had the same last name but were not related. He was not content with city living and moved to Brookville but found love in St. Mary’s and settled there with his wife.

The Internet is replete with the story that Peter worked for John N. Straub at the Eberhardt & Ober Brewery on Vinial Street in Allegheny. Peter was well established in St. Mary’s in the 1870’s and John did not merge with E & O until 1883 so Peter could not have worked at E & O. It was possible that Peter worked for John at the Straub Brewery on S. Cannel Street in Allegheny.

Strim, John G.
Lawrenceville, Strim Brewery

Tann, William
b. England – d. May 1911 Pittsburgh
Came to America in 1834
Phoenix Comparative Notes
Strip District, Phoenix Brewery
William was born in England and came to America in 1854 per The Gazette Times, May 8, 1911 death notice. He was 83 and died in a home for the aged. He operated the William Tann Bottling Works, Lawrenceville location unknown. The brewery operated from 1890 to 1891. It was then taken over by Pittsburgh Brewing in 1899. PBC operated it until prohibition in 1920. 1918 Brewmaster was Bernard Gutbrod. After the brewery came the Otto Milk Company and then the building fell in disrepair. The building is now an apartment building.
Tann was born in England and immigrated to America in 1834. In Pittsburgh he established the William Tann Bottling Works and eventually taking over the Phoenix Brewery in the Strip District. Tann died at the age of 83 in May of 1911. His death occurred in the Home for Aged Protestant Couples on Swissvale Avenue in Wilkinsburg.

The Pittsburgh Press on February 16 & 17, 1900 reported that William Tann was charged with selling liquor without a license. He was sentenced to the Allegheny County workhouse for three months. It was reported that he was once wealthy but appears that he fell on hard times. He made money in the water business but lost most of it as a shareholder in the Phoenix Brewery, formerly the Spencer & Liddell Brewery.

Teece, Arthur
Strip District.
Strip District. There was a farmer from Bellview by the same name but he may not be this Teece, who may be associated with a brewery in Wheeling, WVa. That Teece was associated with George and Alfred Smith.


Verner (August 30, 1818 – August 8, 1901)
Verner, James D (d August 8, 1901)
Verner owned a number of properties in Pittsburgh’s Fourth Ward in the Penn-Liberty corridor. James was a member of the Washington Masonic Lodge 258.

Verner was born on August 30, 1818 in Williamsport, Pa. but the name of the town was changed to Monongahela City. The family was in Pittsburgh after their arrival from Ireland in 1806 but moved to Williamsport until they returned to Pittsburgh about 1820. It is believed that his first venture in brewing was when he became a partner with George W. Smith. James is the son of James and Elizabeth (Doyle)

Vilsack, Sebold Leopold (Sebold was his given name at birth)
b. 1837 Sharpsburg, Pa.
Downtown, Benitz Brewery
Lawrenceville, Frauinheim & Vilsack
Lawrenceville, Iron City Brewery
Pittsburgh Brewing Comparative Notes
Strip District, Iron City Brewery
Leopold Vilsack married Dorothy Blank of Etna on March 3, 1838. They had 13 children. After he married he went to work (had to) for the Benitz Brewery. He was 17 at the time in 1855. After three years with the brewery he bought an interest in it. He and Edward Frauenheim became principal owners and would establish the brewery as the Iron City Brewery.

Vollmer, Carl G.
Allegheny County, McKeesport

Walz, Xavier
North Side, Lutz & Walz
Mr. Walz died at sea in 1879 with the sinking of the steamer Pommerania. The company of Lutz & Walz changed to Lutz & Son.

Wacker, J. P.
North Side

Begin Wainwright Family

Lawrenceville, Wainwright
Lawrenceville, Winterton

End Wainwright Family

Walker, Thomas
Uptown, Fawcett & Walker Brewery

Weilersbacher, Albert P.
South Side, Weilersbacher Bottling Works

Wieland, Charles
South Side, Duquesne Brewing Co.
He was the Brewmaster for the Duquesne Brewery on the South Side. He is credited for being the inventor of Silver Top Lager Beer. Charles came to Pittsburgh (and Duquesne) from Chicago in 1899. At that time the brewery was producing only keg beer but in 1900 they wanted to start bottling beer. Silver Top debuted in July 1901.

Wieland, Ernst
b. 1884 – d. May 1909
Allegheny County, Braddock, Home Brewery
Ernst, the son of Charles, (above) was brewmaster of the Home Brewery for two years when he died at the age of 25. He was a 1907 graduate of the Wahl-Henius Institute.

Wilhelm, Carolina
South Side, Wilhelm Brewery

Wilhelm, Henry
South Side, Wilhelm Brewery

Winter, Alois, Michael and Wolfgang (3 brother)
Comparative Notes, Josephine Street Breweries
South Side, Bavaria Brewery
South Side, Winter Brewery

Wolf, Anton
b. 1841-1892) Wurtemberg, Germany
Came to America in 1857.
East Liberty, Wolf Brewery
While in Germany be learned the art of brewing. Before coming to Pittsburgh in 1870 (at the age of 29) he lived in West Elizabeth, Pa. where he worked in the trade and then operated a brewery with his brother M. Wolf. He is not known to have brewed in Pittsburgh but he did have a hotel on Penn Avenue in East Liberty.

Anton would have been 16 when he arrived in American and 29 upon his arrival in Pittsburgh. He would have lived in Pittsburgh for 22 years. This would have been long enough and he would have been young enough to brew in Pittsburgh, but I can find no evidence that he did so. He took a hiatus to fight for the Union Army in the Civil War and was wounded in a knee. He was discharged from the army on June 20, 1865 and no doubt found it difficult to re-engage in brewing. This may have been a big part in him coming to Pittsburgh.

The source of information about Anton having a hotel on Penn Avenue seems to be very reliable. Other works parrot the same miss-information about a Pittsburgh brewery. The Collings Avenue address could be his house address and not that of the hotel or suspected brewery. From what I have seen, there was never a brewery here by Anton or anyone else.

The 1995 edition of American Breweries II list Anton Wolf on page 349 but they offer no supporting evidence that he actually had a brewery in East Liberty.

Wood, Adam
Strip District, Adam Wood Steam Brewery
Strip District, Phoenix Brewery

Wood, H. T.
Bloomfield, Wood & Brothers Brewery

Downtown, Yerman Brewery
He was identified as a brewer in Pittsburgh’s early days but there is nothing on record of his brewery or location other than it would have been expected to have been located in the downtown area.

Young, R.A.
North Side, Allegheny Brewery (Young & Booth)

Zangwell, Jonathan
Strip District, Sweetwater Brewing Co. (Foundry Ale Works)
The first head-brewer of the Foundry Ale Works located in the Strip District. He was well known for his aggressive use of hops in his beers.

Zimmerman, K
South Side, Bavarian Brewery (Winter Brewing Co.)
He was a brewmaster (about 1918) for the Winter Brewing Co. on the South Side at the 21st Street & Josephine Street location.

Corporate Officers of Brewing Concerns
List of names may be incomplete
Not all names entered above

Duquesne Brewing Company
As of incorporation date of April 4, 1899
John Benz (Lumberman)
Henry Miller, President (Furniture salesman)
Fredrick N. Stucky (Carpet weaver)
Charles E. Succop (Real estate dealer)
Peter Hermes (O & P Milk Co.) may have been a director
Justus Mulert Sr. (Insurance) may have been a director
Additional entries:
Adolph G. Oettinger, original supervising brewmaster started in 1914 under Independent Brewing
Charles J. Steinicke, brewmaster, started in 1933

Independent Brewing Company
As of 1903
November 26, 2013 update:
American Brewers Review, Volume 17, 1903 reported on the creation of a new brewery consolidation but did not identify it as the Independent.
John Benz (of Duquesne Brewing), President
Charles E. Succop, Secretary & Treasurer
James P. Mulvhill, General Manager

As of 1918
H. C. Baxmeier, Secretary
J. H. Friday, Treasurer
C. H. Friend, VP
W. P. Hansell, President
J. P. Mulvihill, VP & Sales

Pennsylvania Brewing Company
1989 to 2003
Tom & Mary Beth Pastorius

2003 to
Birchmere Capital LP

Pittsburgh Brewing Company
As of 1899 origination date
Leopold Vilsack, President

As of 1918
P. Heckman, Secretary
C. H. Ridell, President
Edward H. Straub, Treasurer
E. J. Vilsack, VP

As of 1937
Carl Vilsack, President (youngest son of Leopold), President as of May 5, 1937
He being the youngest as reported was incorrect.

Under Uni-World Capital LP ownership
Ronald Bianco, VP Sale & Employee Relations
Don Bonaroti, VP Operation
Mark Cerone, Director
George Cinquegana, Director
Tony Ferraro
Edwin Lozano, CEO & President
Robert S. Matteucci, Interim CEO
Joe Piccirilli, Vice Chairman
Scott Porter, Director
Lela Previoso, Marketing
Cheryl Rodgers
Jeff Siemianowski, Marketing
Robert Subasic, CFO

It was reported by Un-World on May 14, 2013 that Edwin Lozano was removed of his position and that Robert S. Matteucci will become interim CEO.

United Brewing Company
Predecessor to Pittsburgh Brewing Company
Officers in January 1899
James A. Chaplin
Arthur David
George W. Henderson
John M. Irwin
E. E. Jones
W. I. Mustin