Malt Houses of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Complied by Edward P. Vidunas

June 30, 2014

Many breweries produced their own malt but they may not be listed here unless they were known to supply other breweries as well. This page is to identify standalone maltsters.

Aaron & Co. Malt House, Louis Israel
901 Liberty Avenue, Downtown
Louis Israel Aaron (1840 – 1920) He got out of the malting business in 1897 in pursuit of other endeavors.

Aaron & Co. Malt House, Louis Israel
Vinial Street (behind the F. L. Ober Brewery), North Side
Louis Israel Aaron (1840 – 1920) was behind the brewery as shown on the Sanborn Fire Insurance map of 1893, page 95. In addition to this location an 1895 directory placed them at 901 Liberty Avenue (Downtown). He got out of the malting business in 1897 in pursuit of other endeavors.

Fleming Brothers, Maltsters & Brewers
Between Penn St & Duquesne Way, Downtown
May be the Malt House, below
Noted in the 1860
Pittsburgh Directory.
Shiras had a brewery on Pitt Street between Penn and Duquesne but I have no Fleming associated with it.

M. Weil Malt House
214 Penn Avenue between Barkers Alley & Seventh Street, Downtown
It is shown on the south side of Penn in Hopkins 1871 Atlas, Plate 22 as well as Hopkins 1882, Plate 1. A property owner is not shown on either plate. The property owner is shown to be James D. Verner in Hopkins 1889, Plate 5. This house was shown on a Sandorn Fire Insurance map, Plate 17, Volume 1, 1884 as the M. Weil Malt House.

This could not be the Point Matl House that Thurston refers to in
Facts & Figures. W. H. Garrard established it in 1856 by at No. 17 Water Street. Water Street was along the Monongahela River whereas Barker was near the Allegheny River.

Seem, Gotleib
52 Factory St, Strip District
He was listed in Thurston’s 1856 Directory of Pitsburgh and Allegheny Cities under Brewers & Malsters. I don’t think he was ever a brewery.