Baeuerlein Comparative Notes

March 27, 2013


November 19, 2012
This document incorrectly used the spelling of Baeuerlein as Baeuerlien. It has been corrected to be Baeuerlein throughout. Hopkins has is spelled as Baeuerline.

Baeuerlein Breweries in Allegheny County

Location 1: Liberty Street (Strip District)

Adam Baeuerlein Brewery
455 Liberty was between Twelfth & Thirteenth Streets, as shown on the 1872 & 1882 Hopkins Atlas. He was here from 1845 to 1864 and believed to be past 1881.

Adam Baeuerlein (July 5, 1815 – May 18, 1874)
Born in Bavaria and settled in America in 1840

Baeuerlein & Sons, Adam (Christian & Adam A.) 1867-1868

Frank Hogl who had a brewery on 18th Street in 1860 worked for Baeuerlein when he first came to Pittsburgh in 1850.

Location 2: Quarry Street (Strip District)

Baeuerlein Brewery
46 Quarry Street at Harrison
Adam Baeuerlein (51 in 1866) had a brewery here from 1866 to1867. The book
Pittsburgh the Powerful has Baeuerlein beginning on Liberty in 1845 but moving here until the land was bought by the railroad. The brewery was under the incline. He then moved to Millvale. The book did not mention anything on location 3.

Railroad Reference:
The railroad bought the property along Quarry Hill in 1860 but the brewery supposedly remained until 1867. This could be true but I have no other information on this.

Penn Incline Reference:
The Penn Incline was operating from 1884 until 1953. The brewery was not under the incline but operated at a location that would some day be under the incline.

Hoeveler & Miller moved here from Virgin Alley before they moved to the Bennett Brewery on Liberty.
Andrew King was a brewer at this location.

See the Pittsburgh Brewing Co. page for more on this location.

Quarry Street was along the hillside and parallel to Liberty Avenue.

Location 3: Unknown

It is believed that Baeuerlein had four brewing locations but I have yet to identify one of them. I am making an assumption that his third was before the Shaler Township brewery opened.

Location 4: Shaler Township
Millvale Avea

Star Brewery
Followed by C. Baeurlein Brewing
Followed by Baeuerlein Brewery – Pittsburgh Brewing Company
Shaler Township (Millvale)
Brothers Christian and Adam A. Baeuerlein along with Fred operated the brewery since 1866.
Became the C. Baeuerlein Brewery in 1887.
1897 Atlas, Plate 19: Baeuerlein Brewing (Millvale)
This brewery, known as the Star Brewery, was actually in Shaler Township. Bennett Station was in Millvale. Adam’s sons and Fred Klussman operated it. Klussman worked for Adam at the age of 20 as a driver and then became a brewer but then moved to Cincinnati. Returning to Pittsburgh he became a partner with Christian. Adam, the father died in 1874.

Baeuerlein Brewery – Pittsburgh Brewing Company
Preceded by Star Brewery

Baeuerlein Brewing Company – Shaler Township
Land Holding with Pond & Ice Houses
(Appears on the North Side page)

Hopkins Atlas (1897) of the Northern Vicinity of Pittsburgh, Plate 14, shows land belonging to the Baeuerlien Brewing Company. The land, which was just over 17 acres, had a large pond that was formed from Girty’s Run. Baeuerlien had an icehouse next to the pond and was served by the Pittsburgh & Northern Street Railroad, which ran towards Shaler Township and the Allegheny River. The adjacent town was called Brookville, after the landowner. The land that belonged to Baeuerlien is now vacant woods, sans pond. It was situated south of Babcock Blvd. and near Thompson Run Road.

Family History

Adam Baeuerlein was the proprietor of the Fifth ward lager beer brewery, which was his home and shop at 455 Liberty as listed in Thurston’s Directory of 1860.

Adam Baeuerlein was born July 1815 in Bavaria, Germany. Died May 18, 1874. He came to Pittsburgh in 1840 and married Barbara Lenizner in 1845
Adam built several breweries (reportedly 4) having the first in 1845 on Liberty.

Adam A Baeuerlein

Christian Baeuerlein was born September 23, 1846. In every reference I have looked, the name Baeuerlein was always used with a C, never a full name.