Josephine Street Breweries Comparative Notes

November 26, 2012

Location and Direction of Josephine Street

Josephine Street is located in the South Side neighborhood of the City of Pittsburgh. Its direction is west to east as the intersecting cross streets are numbered low to high in that direction.

Breweries on Josephine Street

Brewery at 17th Street

Henry Friedel Brewery
Josephine St at South 17th St
Followed by Rauch & Rudman
Operated the first brewery here from 1872 to1884.

Rauch & Rudman Brewery
Josephine St at South 17th St
Preceded by Henry Friedel
Followed by C. Meussner
Followed from 1884 until 1886 and ended with
The William Rudman Brewery was located in Philadelphia but I do not have information tying William to Pittsburgh.

C. Meussner Brewery
Josephine St at South 17th St
Preceded by Rauch & Rudman
This could be Charles Meussner from Reserve Township.
Followed 1886 to1888. I was never able to find this on a map and

Brewery at 21st Street

Bavarian Brewery, Winter Brothers
Josephine St at South 1st St
Followed by Pittsburgh Brewing Company
The Winter Brothers opened a new brewery at this location in April 1897 and named it the Bavarian Brewery. In 1899 they were absorbed into the Pittsburgh Brewing Company who referred to the brewery as the Winter Plant. This brewery was closed in 1920 when prohibition took effect. There was no brewery here prior to or subsequent to Winter and Pittsburgh Brewing. Hopkins 1901 Atlas, Plate 6 shows the Winter Brothers Brewing Co.

Winter Brewery, Pittsburgh Brewing Co.
Josephine St at South 21st St
Preceded by Winter Brewing
Became a plant of the company in 1899 but closed in 1920 due to prohibition. After Winter sold to PBC (for $4,500,000), Alios became plant manager at this plant but his brothers went to Orange, New Jersey to open the Orange Brewery.

Facility at 23rd Street

South Side Bottling House
The South Side Bottling House was located here at No. 2322 in 1914.
In 1919, the Department of Agriculture charged the Pittsburgh Bottling Works, as well as many other bottlers, for adulterating soft drinks, referred to as pop.

The word pop in lieu of soda is particular to the Pittsburgh region. Although many other areas in the country say pop, many say soda instead.

Alois Winter Property
Alois Winter had a large structure here in 1916 (Hopkins Plate 8) but it is unknown for what purpose. As this was a bottling house in prior years I assume that he ventured into this line of work. Alios remained in Pittsburgh after the sale of the Winter Brewery whereas his brothers moved to New Jersey.

Birmingham Bottling Company
Hopkins shows this facility in 1890, Plate 9.

Emerald Glass Company
2300 Josephine St
The land must have been destined to support a glass works as Emerald is here at the start of the 21
st Century.

Brewery at 26th Street

26th & 27th Street Identification
Some of the Hopkins maps identify Barry Street as South 27th Street. South 26th Street is west of 27th with Barry being in between. Barry is south of Josephine and numbered streets are north of Josephine. Thus, Hopkins has a part of 27th west of 26th, which can lead to confusion.

Carolina Wilhelm’s Brewery
2600 – 2610 Josephine St
Followed by J. & S. Seiferth
Between South 26th & Barry Street has Carolina Wilhelm’s Brewery, as shown on the Sanborn Fire Insurance maps.
Carolina Wilhelm’s Brewery was as early as 1872
H. Wilheim owed a number of properties from Josephine up along Barry Street in 1890. Carolina was listed in the Pittsburgh Post on July 18, 1889 to be scheduled for review of a granting of a license to sell.
The Carolina Wilhelm Brewery is shown on the Sanborn maps.
Hopkins 1882 Atlas, Plate 25 shows a brewery but without a name.
Hopkins 1890, Plate 9 has H. Wilheim but does not specifically name a brewery.

J. & S. Seiferth Brewery
2600 – 2610 Josephine St
Preceded by Carolina Wilhelm’s Brewery
Followed by Edel & Seifert (maybe)
J. & S. Seiferth was at 2601 from 1895 to1899 (unconfirmed dates). Hopkins 1901, Plate 10 has the brothers listed here as well as Pittsburgh Brewing Company (on Plate 6). In 1918, John Sieferth was branch manager at the Keystone Brewery of the Pittsburgh Brewing Company.

Edel worked here under Weilheim prior to forming a brewery with Seiferth. He may have been with J. & S. Seiferth as a minority owner (if at that) so his name would not be listed in records.

Edel & Seifert Brewing Company
2600 Josephine St
The brewery was identified in the
Pittsburgh's Progress, Industries and Resources, 1886 by George Henry Thurston.
George Edel (b. December 17, 1840) worked for Peter Troutman in Homestead followed by Henry Wilhelm of the South Side. About 1885 he and Seifert started the Edel & Seifert Brewery until May 1889. He then moved to Canton, Ohio.

Edel & Liefers Brewery
Location unknown
This entry is in the Lost Souls page as well.
Mentioned in
American Brewer, Pittsburgh History and a Market, June 1960. Edel was known to have work for Weilheim on the South Side and to have formed a brewery with Seirfth but I fine little on Liefers.

Allegheny County Lot & Block
As of October 2012, there are six parcels of interest at this location. They are Lot & Block (of Allegheny County) 12-S-240, 244 (Liberty Hall), 246, 248 and 249 (corner lot at Barry). The street addresses are, respectively, 2600, 2606, 2608, 2610, 2612, where 12-S-249 is a part of the street (as of 1998).

Brewery at 27th Street

Reichenbach Brewery
Josephine St at South 27th St
Reichenbach had property east of 27th and property east of Oakley Alley in 1883. Reichenbach did have extensive property ownership east of 27th Street in 1890. Hopkins 1901 Atlas, Plate 10 shows his as onwer of the property that Winter occupied. This suggests that Winter rented the buildings but were not owners of the land.

Winter Brothers Brewery
Josephine St at South 27th St
Preceded by Reichenbach
Winter Brothers came after Reichenbach and operated from October 1883 prior to moving to South 21st Street in 1887. They came to Pittsburgh in 1883. Winter bought the Reichenbach brewery as Winter is documented on the Sanborn Insurance maps. The brew house was along side of Oakley Alley. Despite the move they continued to operate the 27th Street brewery until 1893.

The Josephine Street Caves

Carolina Wilhelm’s brewery is shown on the Sanborn maps as having cellars, similar to root cellars, which could be taken as caves.

Caves existed on the 27th Street property where Reichenbach and Winter had breweries. Just east of the brewery (east of Barry Street) are beer cellars for storage by Ernst Hauch. East of that (east of South 27th Street) is the M. Winter Brewery. The Hauch cellars are identified on the Sanborn maps.