Resources & General Notes
Sources used in support of this work

May 4, 2014 (Reformatted March 2014)

(General Notes, below)

Below is a list of resources that were used to compile this book on Pittsburgh’s Breweries. Census data and newspaper accounts may not be listed if they offered only a scant amount of information. Discrepancies between various resources have been discovered and noted within a given entry.

Books & Other Documents
(Other than Directories, Maps & Newspapers)

Archdiocese of St. Louis: Office of Youth Ministry.

The Book of Prominent Pennsylvanians: A Standard Reference. Pittsburgh: Leader Publishing Co., 1913.

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.
Neighborhoods. Pittsburgh: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh.
Provides general information to various neighborhood and past history.

City of Pittsburgh.
Territorial Growth of the City of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh: City Controller.
List of areas annexed by Pittsburgh.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
List of Charters of Corporations Enrolled in the Office of the Pennsylvania Secretary of the Commonwealth. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania: Harrisburg, 1903.

Cox, J,
The Life Of Pittsburgh's First Physician
Dr. Nathaniel Bedford
And The Founding Of The Town Of Birmingham
. Pittsburgh: Allegheny County Medical Society 2012.

Edwards, Richard, ed.
Industries of Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh: Richard Edwards, 1879.

Eisenman, Cody.
History of American Brewing. 2002.

Emerson, Ken.
Doo-Dah: Stephen Foster and the Rise of American Popular Culture. 1998 (for Shiras)

Fleming, George Thornton.
The History of Pittsburgh & Environs, Volume III. New York: American Historical Society, 1922.

Harris, Isaac.
General Business Directory of Pittsburgh & Allegheny. Pittsburgh: A. A. Anderson, 1847

Holian, Timothy.
The Modernized Brewery Complex. Sudhaus Press, 2001.
An excerpt on Cincinnati Breweries from Over the Barrel, Volume One

Killikelly, Sarah H.
History of Pittsburgh, Its Rise & Progress. Pittsburgh: B. C. & Gordon Montgomery Co., 1906.

Kussart, S.
The Early History of the Fifteenth Ward of the City of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh (Bellevue): Suburbam Printing Co., 1925

Master Brewers Association of Americas.
Brewers Handbook, Directory Number 4 for Pennsylvania. MBAA: Chicago 1918. (Supplement to the Western Brewer)

Michigan Breweriana & Beer History.
List of U-permits issued by the Federal Government for the production of brewing beer. Michigan Breweriana & Beer History: Michigan, 1999.
Pittsburgh is in District 3.

Mobley, Bruce.
Pennsylvania Breweries – Beer Bottling Companies. An on-line photo collection of bottles manufactured for Pennsylvania Breweries.

Musson MD, Robert A.
Brewing in Greater Pittsburgh. Charleston: Arcadia Publishing, 2012.

Musson MD, Robert A. Fort Pitt, That’s It. Zepp Publications: Medina, 2012.

Pittsburgh City Controller. Territorial Growth of the City of Pittsburgh. Office of Pittsburgh City Controller: Pittsburgh, undated.

Pittsburgh Commodity Index
Lists the active breweries of 1913

Pittsburgh Neighborhood Alliance: 1977. Pittsburgh Neighborhood Atlas. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Center for Social & Urban Research. Describes neighborhood size, location, population and brief history.

Richard Edwards, eds. Industries of Pittsburgh for 1879 & 1880. Richard Edwards: Pittsburgh, 1879.

Royall, Ann Newport. Mrs. Royall’s Pennsylvania, Volume 2. Printed for the Author: Washington, 1829. (for Shiras, et. al.)

Saint Augustine’s Church Diamond Jubilee, 1863 - 1938

Schlüter, Herman. The Brewing Industry and the Brewery Workers' Movement in America. Cincinnati: International Union of United Brewery Workmen of America, 1910.

Smith, Frazer P. Pennsylvania State Reports, Volume LXVI. Harrisburg: Kay & Brother, 1871. Page 440 for Verner v. Carson, et al.

Tavern Trove (.com) Accessed in January 2012.
Lists names and areas of breweries giving dates of opening and closings.

Thomson, W. A. A Digest of the Acts of Assembly Relating to and the General Ordinances of the City of Pittsburgh from 1804 to January 1, 1897. Pittsburgh: Nicholson Sons Printers & Binders, 1897.
Link opens to Streets, acts of

Thurston, George H. Pittsburgh as it is, or, Facts and Figures (page 51). George H. Thurston: Pittsburgh, 1857

Ubelaker, Douglas H. & Erica B. Jones, ed. Human Remains from Voegtly Cemetery. Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Institution Press, 2003.
Mention John Straub.

US Brewers; Association.
Documentary History. US Brewers’ Association: New York, 1896.
Gangwish, G. Gant & Anton L. Wilheim of Allegheny were delegates to the Third Convention of the Brewer’s Association (Chapter III, page 130). The convention took place at 400 Vine St in Cincinnati on October 28 & 29, 1863.

Van Wieren, Dale.
American Breweries II. West Point: Eastern Coast Breweriana Association, 1995.
Information retrieved from this book came from an on-line document from beer historian Rich Wagner as well as the book itself.

Wahl, Robert and Arnold Spencer Wahl.
American Brewers’ Review. Chicago: Der Braumeister Publishing Company.
American Brewers’ Review
Volume 12, July 1898 – June 1899
American Brewers’ Review
Volume 19, 1905
American Brewers’ Review
Volume 20, 1906
American Brewers’ Review
Volume 23, 1908
American Brewers’ Review
Volume 24, 1910
American Brewers Review,
Volume 25, 1911

Weaver, Emily M.
The Fort Pitt Block House. Charleston: The History Press, 2013.

Western Brewer.
One Hundred Years of Brewing by H.S. Rich & Company: Chicago, 1901

Western Brewer
Volume 38, January – June 1912 Chicago: H. S. Rich, 1912
Western Brewer
Volume 45, No. 1, July 1915 Chicago: H. S. Rich, 1915

Zimmerman, David
Allegheny County Census of 1800. David Zimmerman, 2009. Offers a list of names and the boroughs they were in.


The Directory of Pittsburgh and Allegheny Cities by George Henry Thurston, 1857
List the names of residents of Pittsburgh and Allegheny Cities. Their occupation and living quarters are also given.

The Directory of Pittsburgh and Allegheny Cities by George Henry Thurston, 1860
List the names of residents of Pittsburgh and Allegheny Cities. Their occupation and living quarters are also given.

Harris, Isaac
Harris Business Directory of the Cities of Pittsburgh & Allegheny 1841
Brewers as a group were not given but 6 were said to exist.
Harris Business Directory of the Cities of Pittsburgh & Allegheny 1844
List the names of coopers and brewers on page 33.

The Industrial directory of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Issue 3, 1919 Harrisburg: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Online Historical Directories from Google

Pittsburgh Historic Cities Directory, List of in the Pitt Digital Library
University of Pittsburgh

Thurston, George H.
Pittsburgh Directory of 1857 (Don’s List)
Pittsburgh Directory of 1860 by R. L. Polk & Company, publishers
Pittsburgh Directory of 1900 by R. L. Polk & R. L. Dudley, publishers
Pittsburgh Directory of 1895 by R. L. Polk & R. L. Dudley, publishers


Hopkins Collection of Atlas of the Cities of Pittsburgh & Allegheny : Philadelphia. Plates are accessible via

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps of Allegheny City 1878

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps – Penn State University Library

University of Pittsburgh,
Historic Pittsburgh Maps Collection
Historic Maps Collection
Main Page
Darlington Digital Library
Kenyon Map of 1835 (TIF File)
Pittsburgh & Allegheny County
Maps (Kenyon Maps of 1830 & 1835)
City of Pittsburgh
Geodetic & Topographic Survey 1923 – 1961


Ayers, Ruth, “Turn on the SpigotPittsburgh Press, November 11, 1932.
Story on John Henry Nusser (son of John) (b. 1853)

Beaver County Times. Article of January 14, 2012 on Ober and Union Brewery with mention of Otto Milk Company

City Paper story on North Side beer vaults

Pittsburgh Dispatch, April 23, 1889 story on License Court granting saloonkeepers a license to remain open.

Pittsburgh Dispatch, March 5, 1889, Court of Quarter Session of Allegheny County, list of applicants to sell retail liquor.

Pittsburgh Post, December 7, 1889 advertisement for Frauemheim & Vilsack

Ayers, Ruth “” Pittsburgh Press, November 11, 1932
Pittsburgh Press, November 11, 1932 story by Ruth Ayers on John Henry Nusser, son of John Nusser. Story mentions Philip Lauer, Hauch, Wilhelm, Rechenbach. Nusser’s father had a bar on 12th St. The father was the owner of the National Brewery. Nusser was 79 in this story. The Modernized Brewery Complex has an excerpt of Nusser using pumps for transporting material within the brewery.

Pittsburgh Tribune story on Full Pint Brewery as well as some listings of past breweries

Pittsburgh Dispatch “
List of Liquor License Applications” Pittsburgh Dispatch, March 16, 1889

General Notes
(General Notes pertaining to Resources)

Names of People
The spelling of people’s names may have been corrupted was data takers may have had a hard time understanding pronunciation due to language.

Occupations Listed in Directories
Early directories listed the occupation of the people but in a confusing manner. It was typical for the occupation to be written in all lower case letters. With the brewing trade it was not very clear at times if the person worked at a brewery or was an owner.

Optical Scanning Errors
Many documents were scanned using early versions of optical character recondition software. Many characters did not scan well and software had to make a decision as to what it had to be.

Street Names Listed in Directories
Streets were identified in early directories such as Thurston’s with street, avenue, etc. written without the first letter capitalized. Thus, Try Street as written today was written as Try street. It was also typical to not identify if a street was a street. The word brewery was often written in lower case letters without street after it.