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January 7, 2016

The Brewers Index lists breweries and brewpubs on this site.
People’s names can be found in the Who’s Who page on this site although they may be included in this document.

General Site Index

Aaron & Co Malt House
North Side: Non-Brewing Entries
Independent Brewing Company

Allegheny City
PGH History

Allegheny City Flour Mill
North Side
Straub Comparative Notes: Theodore; Gilmore: David

Allegheny County
PGH History

Allegheny County Alcoholic Beverage Tax (Drink Tax)
Brook’s Law

Allegheny County Boroughs: Towns & Cities
Allegheny County

Allegheny County Drink Tax
Brooks High License Law

Allegheny County Liquor Law of 1872
Brook’s Law

Allegheny County Lot & Block
PGH History

Allegheny Valley Ice Company

Altmeyer Theater

The American Sugar Refining Company
Pittsburgh Brewing: Formation of Trust Companies

Arsenal Cider House
Pittsburgh Brewing

Art Rooney (yes: that one; The Chief)
Braddock: General Braddock Brewing

Avenue: Pa.

Avenue Bottling Works

B. M. Kramer Building
South Side: Christian Moerlein Warehouse

Baeuerlein – Shaler Township Land with Pond & Ice Houses
Baeuerlien Comparative Notes

Baeuerlein Icehouse Accident
Allegheny County: Millvale page, Baeuerlein

Bentiz Corruption
Pittsburgh Brewing

Blair Station
Allegheny County: Monongahela Valley

Boiler Explosion
Gangwisch Comparative Notes: North Side (Manchester): Gangwisch & Co. Brewery

Bottling Companies
Avenue Bottling Works: Brackenridge
Keystone Beer Bottling Co.: Lost Souls
South Side Bottling Co.: South Side
P. W. Laschied Bottling House, South Side

Bounty Land

Brackenridge Typhoid Fever Outbreak

Brewery Alley
History of the Point Brewery

Brewery Fires-Explosions
Allegheny Brewery (Lutz) North Side
Bauerlien Brewery: Millvale& Etna
Duquesne Brewery
Phoenix Brewery: Phoenix Comparative Notes (Spence & McKay)
Franklin Brewery: Downtown
Gangwisch Boiler Explosion: Gangwisch Comparative Notes
Iron City Brewery: Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh Brewing, Special Interest
Straub Brewery: North Side
Tube City Brewing Co, The Consolidation, McKeesport, Allegheny County

Brewery Lighting
D Lutz & Sons Brewery: North Side,
Eberhardt & Ober Brewery: History of Eberhardt & Ober

Brewery Mergers:
Lost Souls: Fayette County Brewing Company of Pittsburgh
Refer to Edel: George in Who’s Who for Fayette/Brownsville Breweries
Special Interest: Independent Brewing Co.
Special Interest: Pittsburgh Brewing Co.

Brewing Permits
PGH History

Brewster: First in Allegheny County
Monroeville: Rivertowne Brewery

Brook’s High License Law
East Liberty: Brewery Location in West Elizabeth
Brook’s Law
Millvale (Etna): Metzger Brewery

Butcher’s Run (Formerly, Saw Mill Run)
North Side: Lang Beer Vaults

Butcher’s Run flood
Straub Comparative Notes: Gilmore: Straub & Company

Burton Ale
Uptown: Pier & Dannals Oregon Brewery

Carnegie Building
Pittsburgh Brewing

Caves (Josephine Street)
Josephine Street Comparative Notes

Caves (Straub’s)
This is pending

Chamber of Commerce
North Side: Felsen Brewery
Bloomfield: Union Brewery – Gangwisch

Cholera Epidemic
PGH History
Phoenix Brewery Comparative Notes

Church Brew Works Liquor License
Lawrenceville: Church Brew Works
Also referenced under Liquor License: first granted to a Pennsylvania brewpub.

Cider & Mead
Pittsburgh Brewing

Cincinnati Amber Brewing Co
North Side – Amber Brewery

Collier Development of Presto
Lawrenceville: Iron City Brewing Company (re-developers of the site)

Consol Energy Center
Uptown: Dutch Brewery
Hill District: Hoefling Brewery
Author’s Note: This spot of land is noted in my work in two different districts. Uptown is the correct neighborhood but the Hill District applies as it is technically in the lower hill. As I placed Hoefling in the Hill District page early on I am leaving it there for now.

Se Oregon House, below

Country Wines
Ross Township: Robber Baron Brewing

Court Cases
Downtown: Commonwealth v. Rhodes & Verner: Downtown:
Downtown: Darlingotn v. DeWald: Downtown
South Side: Duquesne Brewery, Duke & Co. v. Anderson (Pa. Super. 1980)
Hippely Comparitive Notes: Mueller v. Mueller
Strip District: Phoenix Brewery, Phoenix Brewery Fire
South Side: Christian Moerlein Warehouse, Seifert v. Rusch

Court of Quarter Session

Depreciation Land

Donation Land

Drink Tax (Allegheny County Alcoholic Beverage Tax)
Brook’s Law

Duquesne Wool Company
North Side: Duquesne Brewery

Dutch Lutheran Church

East India Pale Ale: Kennett &
History of the Point Brewery

Eighteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution
Brook’s Law

Emergency Hospital
Braddock: General Braddock Brewing Co.

Fifth Ward Breweries
Strip District: Fifth Ward Breweries
This is also used for queries for Quarry Street Breweries

Floods in Pittsburgh
Butcher’s Run Flood: North Side (this is pending)
St. Patrick’s Day Flood: Braddock: General Braddock Brewing

Florence Nightingale
Downtown: British Army Brewery

Formation of Trust Companies
Independent Brewing Company: see Pittsburgh Brewing
Pittsburgh Brewing

Fort Pitt: Chatham (England)
Downtown: British Army Brewery

Fort Pitt Bridge Works
Straub Comparative Works

Fort Pitt Block House Bottle Storage
History of the Point Brewery

Fort Pitt: West Virginia

Foster, Stephen (Yes, that’s him)
Foster, William
Lawrenceville, Lawrenceville History

Gallatin Glass Works
Phoenix Brewery Comparative Notes (Robert Liddell)

North Side: Amber Brewery

Gangwisch Cooperage
Gangwisch Comparative Notes

Gangwisch & Klopper Survey

Gangwisch Trust Fund
Gangwisch Comparative Notes

Gangwisch Street

General Notes (for this work)
Resources page

German Brewers Union: Local 22
Historic Pittsburgh: Homestead Strike

German Insurance Company on Highland Avenue
Neighborhood: East Liberty (for Highland Brewery)

Gilmore Straub & Company
North Side: Straub Comparative Notes
Allegheny City Flour Mill: North Side
Straub: Theodore; Gilmore: David

Girty’s Run
Baeuerlein Comparative Notes

Grant Building
Downtown: Bohemian Brewing Co

Government Cellar
This is pending

Government Pipe
This is pending

Great Fife of 1845
See: Pittsburgh Fire 1845: below

Growler Shop
Strip District: East End Brewery Growler Shop

Hambright: Captain John
History of the Point Brewery

Home for Professional Aged Women
Don’t even think what you are thinking
Downtown: Darlington & Co.

Home for the Aged Couples
Phoenix Brewery Comparative Notes (William Tann)

Homestead Strike
Historic Pittsburgh

Hotel Indigo
East Liberty: Three Mugs Brew Pub

House Building
Lost Souls: Mueller & Kusen (Brewery Supply)

Independent (Brewing)…to merge with Pittsburgh (Brewing)
Independent Brewing

Indian corn
History of the Point Brewery

Iron Bridge Inn
Strip District: South Side Brewing

Iron City
PGH History

The Iron City (Application of the name to the city)
Pittsburgh Brewing

Iron City Brewery – Bloomfield location
Pittsburgh Brewing, Special Interest, Brewers

Iron City brewery workers
Bloomfield: Ganwisch Brewery

Iron City Lager Beer Hall
Pittsburgh Brewing

Jefferson: The Papers of
Downtown: Coppinger Brewery

Jefferson Township (Brewery)
East Liberty: Brewery Location in West Elizabeth

John Penn Plan of Lots
History of the Point Brewery
Verner – Brown Comparative Notes

Johnstown Flood
South Side: Hauch Brewery, Emmerling & Hauch

Karl Kieffer beer filter
Strip District: Pittsburgh Brewers and Bottlers Supply Company

Kaufman’s Warehouse
Uptown: Fawcett & Walker

Keg Storage
North Side: Non-Brewing Entities

Kennett & East India Pale Ale
History of the Point Brewery

North Side: Pig Hill Brewery

Lager Brewer’s Yeast (First used in Pittsburgh)
Straub Comparative Notes: Straub Timeline in Pittsburgh: 1849

Land record book
McKeesport: Reed Brewery

Lang Beer Vaults
North Side

Liquor Court
PGH History

Liquor License: first granted to a Pennsylvania brewpub
Lawrenceville: Church Brew Work
(Personal letter from Shawn Casey to Edward Vidunas)

South Side, Moose Brewing Co. (Roscoe), 1903-1950

McCullough Island
See Wainwright Island, as well

Married Brewing Couple: First in Allegheny County
Monroeville: Rivertowne Brewery

Malt House: Eberhardt: on Chestnut Street
Malt Houses
These are pending

middling quality
History of the Point Brewery

Musson MD: Robert A
Soho: Muller Beer Depot

New York Malt Roasting Co.
Downtown: Springer Brewery

New Zealand
Lawrenceville: Roundabout Brewery

National Prohibition Act
Hazelwood: Hazelwood Brewing Company

Ober Brau Haus
Pittsburgh Brewing
Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh Brewing Company LLC

Old Bayardstown
Strip District

Oliver Building
Lawrenceville: Pittsburgh Brewing Company

Oregon Brewery
Uptown page

Oregon Club

Oregon House
Cormack, Oregon House, Uptown

Oregon Lot
Uptown: Oregon Brewery
Oregon Street in located in Lawrenceville near the Iron City Brewery, but is not a part of this work.

Otto Milk Company
Phoenix Brewery Comparative Note
Also: Pittsburgh Wool Co.: Wigle Whiskey

Papers of Thomas Jefferson
Downtown: Coppinger Brewery

Penn Ave

Penn Avenue Incline
AKA the 17th Street Incline: Seventeenth Street Incline Railway
Baeuerlien Comparative Notes page
Soho: O’Reilly & Cousin Malt House
Strip District: Iron City Brewery

Pennsylvania Bottling Works
Hill District: Non-Brewing Entities

Pennsylvania Canal
Downtown: Gorman & Co. Brewery
Straub Comparative Notes

Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board
Brook’s Law

People’s Ice & Cold Storage Co.
Allegheny County: McKeesport

Penn Avenue

Pfaudler Vacuum Fermentation Co. of Rochester: NY
Allegheny County: Braddock: General Braddock Brewing
Special Interest: Who’s Who: Edel: George J

Phoenix Brewery Fire
Strip District: Phoenix Brewery

PGH History

Pittsburgh Brewers and Bottlers Supply Company
Soho: O’Reilly & Cousin Malt House

Pittsburgh Brewing Co BBC (British Broadcasting Corp)
Pittsburgh Brewing

Pittsburgh Brewing Co: Date of Incorporation
Pittsburgh Brewing

Pittsburgh Brewing Co. Directors form Independent Brewing Co.
See: Independent (Brewing)…to merge with Pittsburgh (Brewing): above.
Independent Brewing

Pittsburgh Fire 1825
History of the Point Brewery
PGH History

Pittsburgh Fire 1845
Verner – Brown Comparative Notes
PGH History

Pittsburgh: Spelling of
PGH History

Pittsburgh Wards
PGH History

Point Brewery Advertisement
History of the Point Brewery (Shiras ad for O’Hara)

Point Brewery Bottle Storage House
History of the Point Brewery
See Fort Pitt Block House Bottle Storage: above

Point Brewery Malt House
History of the Point Brewery

Political Wards
Strip District: Fifth Ward Breweries

Public Market
Homewood: East End Growler Shop

Quarry Street Group of Breweries
See Strip District: Fifth Ward Breweries
(For queries for Quarry Street: see Fifth Ward Breweries)

Red Star Kombucha
North Side: Pig Hill Brewery

Reick-McJunkin Dairy
Larimer: Liberty Brewing

Remonstrance (filed against Pittsburgh Brewing Co)
Pittsburgh Brewing

Rhodes & Verner Steam Cracker Bakery
Neighborhood: Downtown

Richards, Wendy (British actress)
Penn Brewery History

South Side, Moose Brewing Co. (Roscoe), 1903-1950

St. Patrick Church Fire
Strip District: Fifth Ward Breweries

St. Patrick’s Day Flood
Braddock: General Braddock Brewing

Saw Mill Run
North Side: Lang Beer Vaults

Seventeenth Street Incline Railway
Strip District (Also known as the Penn Avenue Incline)

Sewer Gas Explosion

Sheriff’s Sale
North Side (west of Federal St), Allegheny Brewing Co. (Bismarck Ave)
North Side: United States Brewery Company

Shiras advertisement for a bushel of barley
History of the Point Brewery – Virginia Brewery

Shirley Jones: actress
History of Penn Brewery

Silver Top (brand of beer)
Who’s Who: under Wieland, Charles

Sherman Anti Trust Law
Pittsburgh Brewing
South Side Bottling Works
South Side
Josephine Street Comparative Notes

Smoky Hollow
South Side: Klinzing Brewery

South Side Market House
South Side: Diamond Brewing Co.

History of the Point Brewery

Straub: Theodore
Allegheny City Flour Mill: North Side:
Straub: Theodore; Gilmore: David

Sukes Run
Downtown: Gorman & Co. Brewery, Kensington Notes

Thomas Jefferson
Independent Brewing
History of the Point Brewery

Trust Companies: Formation of
Pittsburgh Brewing

Twenty-First Amendment of the United States Constitution
Brook’s Law

United Brewing Company
Pittsburgh Brewing

United Brewery Workers

United Ice & Supply
Hazelwood: Hazelwood Brewing Company

United States Brewing Company
North Side: Non-Brewing Entities

United States Constitution Amendments
Brook’s Law

VFW Hall
Bloomfield: Gangwisch Brewery

West Elizabeth:
East Liberty: Brewery Locations in West Elizabeth

West Virginia: creation of
PGH History
History of Point Brewery

Virginia/West Virginia (State of)
Verner & Brown Comparative Notes

Vinegar Manufacturer
Downtown (under Faller: Augustus)

Volstead Act
Brook’s Law

Wahl-Henius Institute of Fermentology
Soho: Muth Jr.: & Co. Brewery

Wigle Whiskey
Phoenix Brewery Comparative Notes
Also: Pittsburgh Wool Co.: Otto Milk Co.

Wainwright Island
See McCulloug Island, as well

Wainwright: St Louis
Wainwright: St Louis Caution
(Darlington Island)

Wholesale Act of 1891
Brooks High License Law

Woner Act
Brook’s Law