Craft Breweries of Pittsburgh & Allegheny County

April 8, 2021

This section of documents the craft breweries operating here since the 1980’s. Previously to the inclusion of this section to my site the craft breweries were placed in the historical Pittsburgh and Allegheny County folders. This section has all then breweries in one easy to find group. Each page has all the information on a brewery.

Breweries l
isted in the Craft Breweries section have been given a license by the Pa. LCB.
These breweries are or have been open but could have been closed, moved or renamed.

NOT listed in the Craft Breweries section have NOT been given a license by the Pa. LCB unless I have a reason to publish the brewery. Unlicensed breweries can be found in the. Brewery Report page on this work. Licensed breweries that are pending are placed there as well. The Report page has information that may be temporary or important.

Every brewery listed (shown in the sidebar) has its own page under a brewery name.

A brewery page has information on ownership or change in ownership, change in location or facilities in multiple locations.


If a brewing company has more than one brewery but in different locations a page will be made for each brewery.
Example: Cinderlands Warehouse and Cinderlands Foderhouse. Two different brewery names and in-as-much as there are two different ownership companies then actual owners are the same people.