Craft Breweries in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County
Index & Finder of Contents of the Breweries
Compiled by Ed Vidunas, Pittsburgh, Pa.


This page links things if interest and events with our breweries.
It chronicles other events that occurred in our region.

Brewery to allow Brew Your Own
Copper Kettle

Breweries known by Another Name
The Lawrenceville Brewery sis known as the Church Brew Works restaurant
The Sweet Water Brewery is known as the Foundry Ale Works restaurant

Breweries that Closed
See the Regional Count page.

Breweries that Moved
Dancing Gnome, East End Brewery, Hitchhiker
All within Allegheny County

Breweries that Never Opened
Robber Baron Brewery and Three Mugs Brew Pub.

Brewers who Brewed in Other Countries
Eckhart Kurbjuhn, Hofbraus, Germany; Nigeria
Marcus Cox, Mindful Brewery, Austrailia
Mark Slater, Three Rivers Brewing, England at St. Peter’s Brewery
Steve Sloan, Roundabout Brewery, New Zealand
Zach Colton, Trace Brewery, Mikkeller Baghaven, Denmark

Brewery in a Church
Church Brew Works

Brewery in a Fire House
War Streets Brewery

Brewery in a Garage
412 Brews, CoStar Brewery

Brewery in a Missile Bunker
Grist House Brewery

Brewery in a Theater

Brewery in an Original Brewery
Allegheny Brewery & Pub, now known as Penn Brewery.
Housed in the former Eberhardt & Ober Brewery.
A & M Brewery
Housed in the former Duquesne Brewery.
Hitchhiker Brewery
Housed in the former Fort Pitt Brewery boiler house.

Brewery visited by famous beer writer
Michael Jackson, The Beer Hunter, London, England:
Penn Brewery and (Jones Brewery, out of county)
Church Brew Works and Penn Brewery

Brewery with a Bowling Alley
Enix Brewery
Homestead Beer Works (
Formerly Enix)

Brewery with a Real British Brewer
Three Rivers Brewing in the Strip District

Brewery with Out-of-Town Owner
Brew Dog Brewery, Platform Brewery, Sly Fox Brewery, Southern Tier

First Brewery in Pittsburgh as well as Pennsylvania
Allegheny Brewery & Pub now known as Penn Brewery.

First Brewery - Beer in the Wood

First Brewery - Cask Beer

First Brewery - to obtain a full liquor license by the Pa. LCB, Church Brew Works

First Brewery - to have brew your own, Copper Kettle

First Brewery - to brew Kavass, East End Brewery

First Brewery - pub in Pa, Penn Brewery

First Brewery - n a brewery built in the 1800's., Penn Brewery

First Brewery - licensed to make Kombucha in Pa, Pig Hill

First Brewery - Church Brew Works, first to obtain a full liquor license by the Pa. LCB

First Brewster
Meg Sestate – From Southern Tier, NY to Rivertowne Brewery to Rock Bottom.
Tiffany Thompson worked at Hitchhiker and Church Brew Works
L Hughes worked at Rock Bottom and Penn Brewery. Then to Necromancer.

First Liquor License (Issued to a Brewery-Pub)
Church Brew Works (Sean Casey sent confirmation letter to Ed Vidunas)

Name Change (but retaining the original owner)
Allegheny Brewery & Pub to Penn Brewery (after opening).
Bellevue Brewery to Lincoln Brewery (
prior to opening).
Draai Laag to Strange Roots Experimental Ales
Trios Brewery to Enix Brewery (
prior to opening).

New Ownership
412 Brews Brewery, Penn Brewery, Pittsburgh Bottle Shop & Brewery, Rock Bottom Brewery, Valhalla Brewery.

Non-Traditional Brewery
Pig Hill Brewery – makers of Kombucha

Pour Your Own
District Brew Yards

Regional Count
For the number of breweries in the cities, towns and neighborhood.

Women Owned Brewery
Penn Brewery – Sandy Cindrich and Linda Nyman