Iron City Brewery

May 2, 2021

Pittsburgh Brewing
150 Ferry St.
Creighton, Pa. 15030
Licensee: ICB Acquisitions LLC

Brewing Operations in East Deer Township
Creighton, Allegheny County

2021 February 3, Proposed Brewery
The Pittsburgh Business Times reported February 3, 2021 that Pittsburgh Brewing Co. to build new brewery at former PPG site in Creighton, Allegheny Co. The plan calls for importing a new 100-barrel brewing system from Germany. Cliff Forrest, owner of Rosebud Mining Co., bought the Pittsburgh Glass Works plant in 2019. Forrest also has owned Pittsburgh Brewing since 2018. The brewery’s capacity is expected to be 150,000 barrels annually when it opens (expectedly) in 2022. The plant has capacity to expand production to 750,000 barrels.

As reported in the TRIBLIVE, on February 3, 2021:
The company has plans to open an adjoining restaurant, outdoor event venue, beer museum and marina. With 40 acres available, there’s room for growth, though these additions are likely several years down the road, according to Butler.
Ben Butler was identified as a (unidentified) company spokesman.
This was also reported in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

2021 May 28 Pending License ranted
Pending brewing license posted by the Pa. LCB on Friday, May 28, 2021
Officers: Red Eye “61”
The Iron City Brewery and the Pittsburgh Brewing Company
Pittsburgh, (Lawrenceville)

Brands of the Pittsburgh Brewing Company are brewed in Latrobe, Pa. (Westmoreland County) under contract with City Brewing at the former Rolling Rock Brewery. Known for its Iron City beer it made a variety of craft beers un the Blockhouse name.

The Liberty Avenue property is no longer owned by the brewing company. The new owner has expressed a desire to return brewing to this site but at a smaller scale. The Ober House at the corner of Liberty Avenue and Sassafras Street was a visitor’s center and gift shop prior to the plant closing. The new owners would like to make that a brewery-pub with a small-scale brewery. It would, albeit symbolically, return brewing to Pittsburgh.

History of the Pittsburgh Brewery

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This was one of Pittsburgh greatest breweries and it has a long historic time-line.

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Founding of the company.

Merger when most of the breweries in Pittsburgh were combined.

The time during
Prohibition and after.

Redevelopment of the Lawrenceville property.

Tech Foods Company and how they pissed off Andrew Carnegie.

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