Roundabout Brewery
Roundabout is transitioning to Coven Brewing with new ownership

November 30, 2021

Roundabout Brewery
4901 Butler St
Pittsburgh (Lawrenceville) Pa 15203
Steve Slone who was formerly the head brewer at the Church Brew Works (Lawrenceville Brewery) has opened his own brewery in 2013 and started selling growlers in early July 2013. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports July 12, 2013 as opening day but in 2014 it reported first year anniversary to be the 13th.

2014 May 17
Roundabout poured their first pint as a licensed brewpub on May 17, 2014.

2021 June
Posted on ProBrewer about mid-June 2021
Owners of a successful Pittsburgh brewery are looking to change directions and have available an approximately 7 bbl system with single infusion converted dairy tank mash tun, 10 bbl Forgeworks direct fired kettle, 3 x 7 bbl and a 1 x 10 bbl GW Kent unitanks, 1 x 15bbl Alpha unitank and 1 x 7 bbl open FV/coolship all powered by a 3 HP Advantage glycol system. Secondary tanks include 4 x single wall serving tanks.

Ideal candidate is a brewer who would initially do production for current ownership and then transition to taking over the entire business with their own brand with the advantage of low initial start up costs, minimal delays and a lot of good will if desired from owners who have been in the craft brewing industry for 25 years.

The 2400 ft2 building has a approximately 800 ft2 tasting room, easily expandable, and an additional 1000 ft2 of outdoor space all with high visibility for foot/car traffic in the city neighborhood of Lawrenceville. Current lease with favorable rent ends 2022, but a three year option is available which could be transferred to buyer/brewer upon agreement with building owner or a new lease could be negotiated.
Please email with resumes and questions.
We are an equal opportunity employer.

2021 November 30, 2021
It was announced in several media outlets that the brewery was changing ownership. The new owners are Coven Brewing LLC of Sharpsburg, Pa.
Please see the Coven Brewery page for more information and history.

Pa. Department of State

Accessed November 30, 2021
James Henry LLC entry date January 10, 2013
Officers: None listed.
Address: 4901 Butler Street, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15122

Roundabout Brewery entry date May 21, 22013
Officers: Stephen Sloan
Address: Private home

Roundabout Brewery & Design entry date August 26, 2013
This is for a trademark
Officers: James Henry LLC
Address: 4901 Butler Street, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15122

Pa. LCB Information

Accessed November 30, 2021
Premises: Roundabout Brewery
Licensee: James Henry LLC
Officers: Stephen Sloan
Address: 4901 Butler Street, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15122

Allegheny County Lot & Block
4901 Butler Street 15201

Owner: 3600 Penn Associates
Address: 5170 Butler St. 15201
Sale Date: (not reported here)