Smiling Moose Brewery

The Smiling Moose takes its named after a Minneapolis bar that Mr. Scarlatelli frequented in 2003.

August 6, 2021

Smiling Moose Brewery
1306 E Carson St.
Pittsburgh (South Side), Pa. 15203
January 13, 2003
Officers: Scaler Inc.

General Notes

Mike Scarlatelli partnered with Stick City Brewing Company in Mars to create a brand.

Cranberry Township Location
Butler County

2021 May 25
8032 Rowan Road 16066, east of the Rowan Road/US 19 intersection
No I-79 exit/entrance at Rowan Road.
Operating as a brewery storage unit of the Pittsburgh facility.
Kristy Locklin writing for
NEXT Pittsburgh interviewed Mr. Scarlatelli.
The Cranberry location is expected to open on July 3.
The Cranberry location is a large facility and I would not be surprised if brewing would not be transferred here if it becomes profitable for Mr. Scarlatelli.

2021 August 5, 2021
The Cranberry location had a soft opening on Thursday evening with a full opening announced to be for Friday the 6th.

South Side Bar & Brewery
Pittsburgh, Allegheny County

1306 E Carson St. Pittsburgh, Pa. 15203
The Smiling Moose is a bar and music venue. It is very popular and a brewery should be well received. This is the location of the brewery. It is of a smaller scale and located on the second floor. It should bot be unexpected to see the brewery relocate to Cranberry as it is a large space and the music can return to the Carson location.

Pa. Department of State

Accessed on Saturday, February 27, 2021
Scaler Inc entry date: November 15, 2002
Officers: Michael Scarletelli
Address: 1306 E Carson St.

Smiling Moose entry date: January 13, 2003.
Officers: None given.
Address: Private home.

Pa. LCB Information