Strange Roots Experimental Ales Brewery
Formerly the Draai Laag Brewery

May 3, 2021

The Draai Laag Brewing Company operated a brewery under the company name. It continues to operates a brewery but the banding has been changed to Strange Roots Experimental Ales.

Millvale Location
Original Location of the Brewery

501 E Ohio St., Millvale, Pa. 15209
Draai Laag Brewing Co LLC opened the Draai Laag Brewery here in 2009.
In 2018 the company retained its name but changed the brewery and branding to Strange Roots Experimental Ales.
The name change took place on March 7, 2018. The brewery was removed from this location and a new brewery opened in Allison Park. Millvale became a taproom.

The Millvale location was operating a brewery and taphouse under the name Draai Laag.
When Millvale changed to Strange Roots Experimental Ales the brewery was removed but the taphouse continued. The branding name of Draai Laag was dropped and now known as Strange Roots Experimental Ales.

Allison Park Location
Second Brewery Location

3812 William Flynn Highway (Rt. 8), Building 4, Space 4B, Allison Park 15101-3660
Brewing license for this production brewery posted by the Pa. LCB in June 2015.
Brewing License G595
Accessed the Pa. LCB License Search website on June 11, 2015.
This production facility was relocated here from Millvale.
It was then relocated to a new facility in Gibsonia in 2018.

Gibsonia Location
Third and Current Brewery Location

4399 Gibsonia Road (Rt. 910), Gibsonia Pa. 15044
Brewery operated here since 2017 as a production brewery but a taproom was opened to the public. The Gibsonia location had a soft opening on Saturday, April 7, 2018.


2009 Millvale location opens as Draai Laag.
2015 Allison Park production facility goes into operations.
2018 Draai Laag as a brand changes to Strange Roots Experimental Ales.
2018 Allison Park closes and production moves to Gibsonia.

Pa. Department of State

Accessed April 21, 2021
Draai Laag Brewing Company, LLC entry date: November 6, 2009.
Officers: None given
Address of an attorney.

Strange Roots Experimental Ales entry date: February 9, 2018
Officers: Draai Laag Brewing Company,

Address: 501 East Ohio St, Allegheny County.

Corporate Location (Not from Pa. Dept. of State)
Private home, Allison Park, Pa. 15101

Pa. LCB Information

Accessed April 21, 2021
Premises: Strange Roots Experimental Ales, Gibsonia.
Licensee: Draai Laag Brewing Company, LLC.
Building Owner: Doug Zebley.
Manager: Anthony (Tony) Zamperini is also the head brewer.
Jaclyn A. Hock (married to Denis Hock)
Maureen Girty-Risk

Not from Pa. LCB
Denis Hock is the founder. Hock is a direct descendant of Simon Girty.