Strip Brewery

Takes its name for being in Pittsburgh’s Strip District

February 19, 2021

Strip Brewery
2106 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh (Strip District) Pa. 15222
Owner: SLAM Corp.
Opened (after May) 1997 (grand opening June 6), closed June 1999.
Original brewer Bill Ehlert came from Buffalo Brewing. It was said that he moved here after the brewery in Buffalo closed. Bill did traditional ales served in wood casks and without pressure or pumping. Bill had an assistant, but heaven help me, as I can’t remember his name. The Strip Brewery made good beer on tap and cask. One thing that set them apart (until John Harvard’s) was the interesting cask ale on the back bar. This beer was served at room temperature and via gravity.

The local newspaper wrote that the company over-extended its credit with AT & T Corp. and could not pay back the loan. This caused the company to close.

Pa. Department of State

Slam Corp entry entry date: August 13, 1996
Officers: Lawrence A. Umehofer
Address: Private home.

Strip Brewer entry date: November 12, 1996
Officers: Slam Corp
Address: 2106 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh (Strip District) Pa. 15222 Allegheny County

Pa. LCB Information

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