Church Brew Works
Lawrenceville Brewery

The restaurant and brewery are located in the Deconsecrated St. John’s Church

May 6, 2021

Church Brew Works
3525 Liberty Ave.
Pittsburgh, (Lawrenceville) Pa.15201
The Church Brew Works is the name of the restaurant operations of the Lawrenceville Brewery, which is operating as a brewery-pub.

Lawrenceville Brewery
Address same as above.
Opened in 1996 it was the second brewery-pub to open in Allegheny County since Penn Brewery opened in 1989.
Brewing operations of the Church Brew Works
Sean Casey, owner
Bryan Pearson, original brewer
Steve Sloan, went on to open Roundabout Brewery
Brandon McCarthy, April 2007 to June 2008
Brant Dubovick, pril 2005 to October 2011

2003 Michael Jackson Visit
Church brewmaster, Bryan Pearson brough Michael Jackson in for a overnight visit to Pittsburgh. He and Mr. Jackson were in Cleveland, Ohio for a beer competition and Mr. Pearson brought back to Pittsburgh as it was only a two-hour drive. After a meal Mr. Jackson met with member of the Three Rivers Alliance of Serious Homebrewer, whom he met during his 1990 visit to Pittsburgh at Penn Brewery. He and Mr. Jackson then went to Penn Brewery or a private meeting with Tom Pastorius.

2016 Beer from Space
The brewery made a stein beer, which is a German stone beer. Rocks were heated to boil the wort. In this case the brewery did not use any kind of stones but meteorites. Bob Batz Jr. reported on this in the Post-Gazette on June 30, 2016.

Church Brew Works Liquor License
Although the Church was not the first brewpub in Pennsylvania, it was the first to receive a full liquor license on December 6, 1996. Prior to that date, brewpubs were only permitted to sell the beer brewed. Despite having a restaurant tie, they were not permitted to sell wine or spirits until late 1996.

St. John’s Baptist Church
The restaurant and brewery are located in the Deconsecrated St. John’s Church. The church was purchased in the early 1990’s and transformed in the restaurant and brewery. But the reconstruction left the interior of the church pretty much as it was.
More on the history on the brewery’s

The stained-glass windows show the names of the families that paid to have the windows made when the church was built. The hand-hewn chestnut ceiling was covered over years ago and Casey removed the covering to exposed this beautiful craftsmanship.

Pa. Department of State

Lawrenceville Brewery Inc entry date: August 2, 1995
Address: 3525 Liberty Ave. Pittsburg, Pa. 15201, Allegheny
Officers: Sean Casey, President & Treasurer, same address as above.

The Church Brew Works entry date: June 10, 1996
Address: 3525 Liberty Ave. Pittsburg, Pa. 15201, Allegheny
Officers: Lawrenceville Brewery Inc
No owner or address given.

Pa. LCB Information