Allegheny County Brewery Report
Breweries around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

PGH Brewery Report as of July 6, 2019
Compiled by Ed Vidunas:

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Check with a brewery before visiting as not all are open to the public.


Allegheny County has had 55 breweries (by location) since 1986.
39 Active*, 9 Closed (Penn not included) 7 Moved
*(American Beverage in Verona is active but not shown below as it is commercial)

(9 Pending Breweries not included in the count)

Active (Open) Breweries
(38 Active Breweries as of this posting date)
Entries in Italic Type for Interest, Reference or Clarification)
(The Pa. LCB Data Base has known errors)
(These breweries may have a restaurant or taproom, or production only)

180 and Tapped Brewery Allegheny County Coraopolis
412 Brews (Brewery) Allegheny County McKees Rocks

Abjuration Brewery Allegheny County McKees Rocks
Allegheny City Brewery Pittsburgh North Side
Aurochs Brewery Allegheny County Emsworth

Church Brew Works (see Lawrenceville Brewery)
Cinderlands Brewery Pittsburgh Lawrenceville
Cinderlands Warehouse Brewery Pittsburgh Strip District
Cobblehause Brewery Allegheny County Coraopolis
Costar Brewery Pittsburgh Highland Park
Couch Brewery Pittsburgh Larimer

Dancing Gnome Brewery Allegheny County Sharpsburg

East End Brewery Pittsburgh Larimer
Eleventh Hour Brewery Pittsburgh Lawrenceville
Enix Brewery Allegheny County Homestead

Grist House Brewery Allegheny County Millvale

Headley’s Brewery Allegheny County Heidelberg
Helicon Brewery Allegheny County Oakdale
Hitchhiker Brewery Allegheny County Sharpsburg
Hofbräuhaus Brewery Pittsburgh South Side
Hop Farm Brewery Pittsburgh Lawrenceville

Inner Groove Brewery Allegheny County Verona
Insurrection Brewery Allegheny County Heidelberg

Lawrenceville Brewery (Church) Pittsburgh Lawrenceville
Lincoln Avenue Brewery Allegheny County Bellevue

Mindful Brewery Allegheny County Castle Shannon

Penn Brewery Pittsburgh North Side
Pig Hill Brewery Pittsburgh Point Breeze d.b.a. as Red Star Kombucha
Pittsburgh Bottle Shop & Brewhouse Allegheny County Collier Township

Rock Bottom Brewery Allegheny County Homestead
Roundabout Brewery Pittsburgh Lawrenceville

Southern Tier Brewery Pittsburgh North Side
Spoonwood Brewery Allegheny County Bethel Park
Spring Hill Brewery Pittsburgh North Side
Stonewall Cider House and Meadery Allegheny County Verona
Strange Roots Experimental Ales Allegheny County Gibsonia

The Brew Gentlemen Brewery Allegheny County Braddock
The Leaning Cask Brewery Allegheny County Springdale

War Streets Brewery - Biers Pub Pittsburgh North Side

Pending Breweries
(9 Pending Breweries as of this posting date)

Acrospire Brewery Allegheny County Glenshaw
Copper Kettle Brewery Pittsburgh Garfield
Costar Brewery Allegheny County Etna
Grist House Brewery Allegheny County Collier Township
Links Brewery Pittsburgh North Side
Mindful Brewery Pittsburgh Mt. Washington
Platform Brewery Pittsburgh Garfield
Rogan Brewery Allegheny County Duquesne
Sly Fox Brewery Pittsburgh South Side

Permanently Closed Breweries
(9 Breweries as of this posting date closed)
(See Special Entries for breweries that never opened)

Draai Laag Brewery Allegheny County Millvale
Iron City Brewery Pittsburgh Lawrenceville Pre 1989
John Harvard's Brew House Allegheny County Wilkins Township
Milkman Brewery Pittsburgh Strip District
Rivertowne Pour House Brewery Allegheny County Monroeville
Strip Brewery Pittsburgh Strip District
Sweet Water Brewery (D.B.A. Foundry Ale Works) Pittsburgh Strip District
Three Rivers Brewery Pittsburgh Strip District
Valhalla Brewery Pittsburgh Strip District
Note: Penn Brewery closed for a short time but reopened at the same location

Breweries that have Moved Operations
(7 Breweries as of this posting date)

Aurochs Brewery Pittsburgh Strip District
Moved to Etna
Copper Kettle Brewery Pittsburgh Greenfield
Moving to Garfield
Draai Laag Brewery Allegheny County Allison Park
Moved to Gibsonia
East End Brewing Pittsburgh Homewood Moved to Larimer
Hitchhiker Brewery Allegheny County Mt. Lebanon
Pig Hill Brewery Pittsburgh North Side
Moved to Point Breeze
_Note: Pig Hill may be moving once again to Fifth Ave & Hamilton Ave.
War Streets Brewery - Arch St. Pittsburgh North Side Relocated to Western Ave.

Special Entries
(6 Breweries as of this posting date)

Allegheny Brewery & Pub Pittsburgh North Side
Became Penn Brewery
Arsenal Cider House & Wine Cellar Allegheny County Penn Hills
Iron City Brewery Pittsburgh Lawrenceville Post 1989
Never opened
Robber Baron Brewery Allegheny County Ross Township
Never opened
Three Mugs Brew Pub (Brewery) Pittsburgh East Liberty Never opened
Trios Brewery (
now Enix) Allegheny County Homestead Change of name

Notes, Clarifications or Comments

Breweries that changed name
Allegheny Brewery & Pub was changed to Penn Brewery but never moved.
Trois Brewery was changed to Enix Brewery but never moved.

Breweries that received a brewing license but never opened
Arsenal Wine Cellar, see below
Iron City Brewery (Post 1989)

Robber Baron Brewery
Three Mugs Brew Pub

Breweries that did business under a different nae
Draai Laag is doing business as Strange Roots Experimental Ales
Lawrenceville Brewing is doing business as The Church Brew Works
Pennsylvania Brewing Company was doing business as Allegheny Brewer & Pub
Pig Hill Brewery is doing business as Red Star Kombucha
Sweet Water Brewery was doing business as The Foundry Ale Works
Many of the breweries have a different corporate name from the operating name but these are noted as these operating names are known by the public.

Establishments that received a brewing license but did not use it
Arsenal Wine Cellar, which remains open but without a brewing license.
Arsenal has a Limited Winery license, which permits it to make wine and mead. But it makes Cider as well. Cider up to 8.5% ABV is a malt or brewed beverage, requiring a brewing license. Although the Pa. LCB shows an expired brewing license it may well be active.